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Ελληνική έκδοση: Προσωπικά δεδομένα

Updated May 24, 2018 
altcine E.E has updated this Privacy Policy ("Privacy") to reflect changes in data protection law.


The present Personal Data Protection Agreement covers the prerequisites for the collection and management of the personal data of visitors/users/members (hereafter referred to as "users") of the web portal, owned by the limited partnership company "altcine E.E.", situated at Kolokotroni 52, Athens, Greece, e-mail:, upon visitation, account creation and use of the portal΄s services.
The terms and guarantees referred to herein do not in any way govern the relationship between visitors/users/members of the web portal, and any other websites, webpages, services etc. not controlled and/or owned by altcine.

Due to the nature and vastness of the web (internet), altcine may not in any way whatsoever (including the case of negligence) be held liable for any form of damage to the user from the use of the services, options, and content provided by the portal; such use is made  at the user΄s own initiative, after the user reads and accepts the terms described herein.

Without prejudice to the use of cookies referred to below, it is hereby clarified that no personal information whatsoever is required in order to visit and browse through the website Personal information will be required only if the visitor opts to be informed by e-mail on news about the cinema, new functions, services, and content provided by altcine, and also if the visitor chooses to create a user account in order to enjoy individualized services and member privileges or to be able to contribute to the original content and the growth of altcine΄s information base (on condition that the necessary standards, such as professional qualifications, are met). In any case, the personal information required will be restricted to what is absolutely necessary, relevant and appropriate, for altcine to be able to offer the service selected by the user (receipt of newsletters and/or member account creation).


For the creation of a user΄s account, the personal information collected by altcine is: name, surname, e-mail address, and country. For the creation of an "official member account", the following additional information must be provided: gender, profession, postal address, and telephone number. For the receipt of newsletters, only the user΄s e-mail address and name are required.
altcine fully complies with Greek legislation applicable to the Protection of Personal Data. The personal information provided by the users is not disclosed to third parties, nor is it shared or exploited in any other way. Said information is used by altcine and only to the absolutely necessary extent to:
observe the terms and fulfill its obligations relating to the provision of services to its users.
provide informational support to the users.
customize the content provided to its users, according to their general preferences.
fulfill the users΄ demands on the content, functions and/or services provided through and by the said website.
facilitate the website΄s functionality.

Sending newsletters to the user΄s stated e-mail address will take place only after the user has specifically consented to such receipt and altcine has verified the authenticity of the user΄s consent. Access to the content of users’ consent and the option to revoke their consent at any time will be available in all such e-mails/newsletters sent by altcine to its users, in accordance with the present Agreement.

altcine may disclose personal information of users only in the following cases:
if altcine has obtained the user΄s express consent with regard to the disclosure of such personal information.
disclosure of personal information is made to third persons or legal entities with whom altcine associates and cooperates, and only up to the absolutely necessary extent for the fulfillment of any obligation altcine may have undertaken towards its users.
disclosure of personal information is required by the law or a court decision or requested by any other state or regulatory authority.

Users may ask us whether altcine processes data relating to them, and if so, which data this concern. In that case, altcine can provide them with access to the data processed by altcine that relates to them.

In any case, Altcine informs its users about their rights in accordance to Articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/97.


altcine enables the use of cookies to facilitate the services it provides. Cookies are small files in .txt format sent to the hard drive of the user΄s personal computer, provided that the user has opted to receive cookies. Cookies do not take records of the user΄s personal data, do not  access any document or file on the user΄s computer, and do not cause any damage to the user΄s computer. They are used with the sole purpose to facilitate the user΄s access to the website΄s services and applications. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
  • to recognize the user so that access to the user΄s account is achieved.
  • to record the traffic on the website.
  • to conduct research in order to improve the content and services of the website, and facilitate access to them.
  • to provide users with information, based on their preferences in their previous visits to altcine.
  • to facilitate and improve the technical function of the portal΄s services and units, as well as the provision of services to the users.
Users can set their browser to either warn them about the use of cookies or to completely block the use of cookies. Users who choose to set their browsers so as to block the use of cookies for their recognition by the Altcine website, must know that, for technical reasons, they will not be able to access (log in to) their account.


altcine may include links to other websites, which are not controlled by altcine but by third parties, owners of said websites. altcine bears no responsibility whatsoever for the privacy policy of other websites.


The management and protection of personal data of altcine users is subject to the terms described herein, as well as the relevant provisions of Greek Legislation (Law 2472/97 for the protection of the individual and the protection of personal data, as supplemented and modified by Law 3471/2006 for electronic communication), the decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the relevant provisions of European Union Law and the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. Therefore, any change to any of the above legislative texts shall be considered an amendment to the present Agreement. altcine reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy in accordance to the relevant current or future legal framework, promptly giving appropriate notice to its users.
Access to the content and services provided by altcine is taken to mean and prove that users fully and without prejudice accept the terms described herein, and that they consent to the management and processing of their personal data in accordance to the said terms.
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