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Tayfun Pirselimoğlu talks to altcine
First Publication: altcine 25-03-2012
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The wind from Istanbul sure brought a refreshing sensation and food for thought for the audience of The Greek Film Archive (GFA). The presentation is dedicated to the Turkish director Tayfun Pirselimoğlu`s movies Hiçbiryerde (In Nowhere Land) and the trilogy titled Of death and consciousness  Riza, Pus (Haze) and Saç (Hair). The G.F.A. also hosts an exhibition with paintings of the director. Mr. Pirselimoğlu prefaced the movies at the premiere on Tuesday 22/3/2012 and will do so until Wednesday 28/3, which is the final day of the presentation. During his preface of Riza he said how special the movie is to him due to the fact that his father, who was a member of the cast, passed away before the movie got released in 2007.

Mr. Pirselimoğlu talked to Altcine and shared his thoughts of today`s difficulties and dangers in the cinema industry, as well as his future plans.

"The sincerity is the key element whatever the production is" states the director. And continues: "If you are sincere about the story you are telling the audience can catch the main core if it’s genuine. It is also related to the acting not only directing, some actors are so powerful it`s quite understandable by a very simple audience. This is the magic of the cinema".

The director didn`t neglect to mention the dangers that lurk in the mainstream cinema industry. "Cinema is a dangerous tool, it’s a dangerous machinegun that you can kill anyone. The perception of the audience is based on the mainstream cinema and also the television. Everything is so fast than normal and then the meaning of normal changes. The time perception, acting, editing, directing everything have to be packed in what this (mainstream) cinema demand".

 He warns about the fact that the audience`s perception of reality is altered. "Now our references are based on the reality of the cinema we watch. All the images are attacking directly to us and you feel subconsciously that this is reality and you get addicted to it and you want more and more".

From the Balkan film industry the young generation of Romanian film directors is among his favorites. "Here in the Balkans the situation is not as dangerous as in other places, because this new generation of directors is bolder and they are not trying to make tricks, they are more genuine and they have a story they want to tell".

In conclusion he shared some of his future plans about his new movie titled I’m not him. "It`s a co-production of Turkey Greece France and Germany and we will begin to shooting in the end of summer. It`s the story of a man how always takes the identity of someone else, ironically telling the story of today`s Turkey".   

by Gerasimos Karavasilis and Thanasis Kotsovos
  In Nowhere Land
  Tayfun Pirselimoglu
  The Wind from Istanbul in Athens
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