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The Winners of the Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2012
8 May 2012
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In a modest ceremony held at Onassis Cultural Center (OCC), on Monday, the 7th of May, the Hellenic Film Academy (HFA) presented the annual awards for the year 2012. 

Unfair World by Filippos Tsitos won four awards and it is the big winner of the night. Best Picture (Filippos Tsitos, Alexandra Boussiou), Best Directing (Filippos Tsitos) , Best Actor in Leading Role (Antonis Kafetzopoulos) and Best Actor in Supporting Role (Christos Stergioglou).
The next big surprise came from The City of children by Giorgos Gigapepas. The film, the only one that hasn`t screen yet in Greece, managed to get the best Best Special Effect and Innovation in Cinematography Award (Giorgos and Argiris Alahouzos), as well as the Best Actress in Leading Role (Kika Georgiou).

Christmas Tango, the most distributed film among the contestants, got distincted not only in technical categories of Best Costume and Production Design (Giorgos Georgiou), but also the Best Original Music Award (Jannos Eolou).

The single awarded films were Paradise witch won the Best Actress in Supporting Role award (Olia Lazaridou), the Wasted Youth for Best Editing (Yannis Halkiadakis), Man at Sea for Best Cinematography (Angelos Viskadourakis and Giorgos Argyroiliopoulos), Fish ΄n Chips in the categories Best First Appearance in Directing (Elias Demetriou). While Burning Heads, although nominated in eleven categories, managed to win only the Best Make-up Award (Katerina Varthalitou).

The whole ceremony was plain and simple, overshadowed by the heavy political mood of  the previous day`s election. Also the small tribute of films that where directed during another difficult time of Greek film industry, during the German possession in the Second World War, made a notable answer to election`s results, though it was unscheduled.

The Honorary Award was also a pleasant surprise. Instead of a person it was given to the Attikon theater, a historical cinema in the center of Athens, that had been damaged due to fire caused by vandals few months ago. Lila Tsakalaki owner of the theater closed the ceremony, with a hopeful message/statement that Art doesn`t quench and Culture is fireproof.

Photos by Thalia Nouarou and Andreas Damanakis
  Man at Sea
  Unfair World
  Fish n` Chips
  The City of Children
  Wasted Youth
  Burning Heads
  Christmas Tango
  Elias Demetriou
  Christos Stergioglou
  Giorgos Argyroiliopoulos
  Alexandra Boussiou
  Jannos Eolou
  Yannis Chalkiadakis
  Philippos Tsitos
  Argiris Alahouzos
  Giorgos Alahouzos
  Giorgos Georgiou
  Angelos Viskadourakis
  Antonis Kafetzopoulos
  Olia Lazaridou
  Katerina Varthalitou
  Kika Georgiou
  Yorgos Gkikapeppas
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