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Awards of the Cinema City International Film Festival
24 June 2012
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The Cinema City International Film Festival closes tonight, June 23, at 20h. The closing ceremony was held at the Serbian National Theatre, Pera Dobrinović hall. During the last eight days, the Festival presented 100 films in four competition and four review selections, most of those being Serbian premieres. Locations of the Festival – the Serbian National Theatre, open-air cinema Katolička porta, Arena Cineplex, the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, and Youth Theatre – screened some of the most interesting achievements of independent film production. Pre-sold screenings, especially for competition selections National Class, Educons Hungry Days and Exit Point, and review selection MTV presents Burn Planet Rock and 3600 proved just how significant films are in modern culture and how important film expression is to a modern man. This year’s Cinema City was especially marked by the visit from board members of the European Film Academy, and a number of domestic and international film authors and professionals, while the audience gave special attention to the main guest of the festival, German director Andreas Dresen. 
The success of this year’s Festival was in no small part owed to the educational platform Cinema Now Live Academy, dedicated to students and young professionals from the world of film, which was comprised of a series of lectures and which gave them a unique opportunity to talk with world-renowned film professionals, such as Nik Powell, Laurence Herszberg and many others.
At the closing ceremony, the Cinema City IFF will present awards listed hereunder.

National Class
The jury of the main competition selection of the Cinema City IFF:
1. Laurence Herszberg
2. Davide Manuli
3. Mary Nazari
4. Lorena Pavlič
5. Martin Schweighofer
at the final session, after careful consideration of the entire film programme of the competition selection National Class unanimously decided to award the following films:

Best film: CLIP, by Maja Miloš
Explication: A remarkable debut. The film is brilliant for being courageous and provocative. The director managed to give us an accurate and ruthless insight into the problems of youth, at the same time allowing for a glimpse of hope and tenderness. She possesses a talent which is unique on the international film scene, in the way she articulates her artistic expression.
Explication: For a splendid achievement shot in one frame. This film is an excellent example of black comedy with magnificent cast.
Explication: This screenplay describes Serbian society by using one room and a time frame of 80 minutes, with abundance of intense humor, and with a keen sense for details and characterization.
Explication: For an incredible ability to build a character in its entirety in just one film episode, expressing the entire range of emotions that the heroine goes through.
Explication: For the achievement that has the power of an elementary disaster. This actor manages to stay "in the role" for the entire 80 minutes.
Special recognition: goes to Redemption Street for superb cinematography.
Audience Award: goes to The Parade, by Srđan Dragojević 

Exit Point
The jury of competition selection Exit Point of Cinema City IFF:
1. Fridrik Thór Fridriksson
2. Simon Perry
3. Jean Roy
4. Mira Staleva
5. Will Tizard
at the final session and after careful consideration of the entire film programme of the competition selection Exit Point unanimously decided to award the following film:
Award for best film in the Exit Point competition programme goes to Unfair World, directed by Filippos Tsitos
Explication: The Unfair World is a film in which director Filippos Tsitos, certainly a significant new name coming from Greece, shows evident directorial imprint and individual talent of powerful maturity.

Educons Hungry Days 
The jury of competition selection Educons Hungry Days of Cinema City IFF:
1. João Pedro Rodrigues
2. Zvonimir Jurić
3. Santiago Fillol
at the final session and after careful consideration of the entire film programme of the competition selection Educons Hungry Days unanimously decided to award the following film:
Award for best film in  Hungry Days competition programme goes to Neighbouring Sounds, directed by Kleber Mendoça Filho
Explication: The jury awards the Brazilian film Neighbouring Sounds for succeeding to transform everyday life in an ordinary neighbourhood of the city of Recife into something unsettling and extraordinary, as well as for the way in which it uses classical film genres for generating its own myths, and not only for a certain effect. These are just some of the reasons why we are pleased to award this small Brazilian (Borges’s) Alef.

Up to 10,000 Bucks
The jury of the competition selection Up to 10,000 Bucks of Cinema City IFF:
1. Rajko Petrović
2. Nevena Matović
3. Irena Škorić
at the final session and after careful consideration of the entire film programme of the competition selection Up to 10,000 bucks unanimously decided to award the following films:
Award for best film in Up to 10,000 bucks selection is presented to Mirage, by Srđan Keča. 
By giving us a fantastic analysis of an architectural wonder of modern civilization, this film manages to tell the always-present story of exploitation, by using authentic film language.
Award for best Serbian film in Up to 10,000 bucks goes to The Other Shore, by Marko Đorđević, whose daring directorial action, with special sensibility and excellent cooperation with actors, managed to convey the complexity of male-female relationship.
Award for best Hungarian film in Up to 10,000 bucks selection goes to Half Past Nine, a debut film by young female director Anikó Urbán, who managed to capture the spirit and passion of youth.
Special recognition for the best documentary goes to Polish film Kamp by Tomasz Jeziorski, who continued the tradition of extraordinary Polish school of documentary, and managed in just 19 minutes to present one of the current topics of today; obsession with physical appearance, which begins at the earliest stage.
Special recognition for directing goes to the film Stevan M. Zivkovic by Vladimir Tagić for successfully presenting absurdity of situation in modern Serbian society.
Special recognition for director of photography Ivan Marković for successfully presenting a psychological state of the characters in Fragments. 

Serbian branch of FIPRESCI international federation of film critics, with jury members: Ivana Kronja, Nenad Dukić, Dejan Petrović
Presents Critics’ Prize to:
Exit Point selection, Simon Kaijser da Silva for Stockholm East

Serbian selection of international federation of film critics FIPRESCI with jury members: Milan D. Špiček, Boris Gigov and Vladimir Džudović
Presents Critics’ Prize to:
National Class selection: Death of a Man in Balkans, by Miroslav Momčilović
Exit Point selection: Collaborator, by Martin Donovan

Source: Cinema City
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  Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying
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  Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
  Bojan Vuletic
  Maja Milos
  Philippos Tsitos
  Nada Sargin
  Miroslav Momcilovic
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