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Sarajevo΄s Work in Progress 2012
9 July 2012
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Six projects have made the final cut for this year’s Work in Progress section, where a selection of films from Southeastern Europe currently in post-production are presented. 
Most promising work in progress will be rewarded by a three- member jury with Post Republic Award, in postproduction services in amount of 80.000 Euro. In addition, one project will be awarded with Restart Award in amount of 20.000 Euro. The official awards ceremony will be taking place July 12-13

Four of the selected projects are of Balkan origin: 
Barbarians by Ivan Ikic (Serbia) 
The bridge by Bobo Jelcic (Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
Viktoria, by Maya Vitkova (Bulgaria)
Outside the Balkan region, two more projects compete for the financial awards:
Harmony Lessons by Baigazin Emir (Kazakhstan) 
White Shadow by Noaz Deshe (Israel / Germany)

...and other sections: 

 The 4th Regional forum,two days of networking between over 100 professionals from 15 different countries in the region,is taking place July 12-13 at Hotel Europe, Sarajevo and will be exploring what is going on in the Southeast European film industry, and which are the main issues that will be shaping its future. The Forum is arranged in collaboration with Screen International and it is open to press and all industry guests of the festival. Regional Forum’s presentations will focus on burning issues such as online platforms, new developments in distribution, production financing, copyright issues, collecting societies, tax breaks; Also, new possibilities for international co-production, new models of funding and art-house exhibitors and case studies of successful co-productions, such as Children of Sarajevo by Aida Begic

Angelina Jolie has come to Sarajevo to open the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus, the seven-day creative and networking platform running  7-14 July. Delivering a lecture to about one hundred young talent the actress tried to encourage them by saying:“The Sarajevo Film Festival is such an important event to focus the world΄s attention on the art, the music and the immense talent in the region. It is also a reminder of the incredible healing potential of art and film. Always such a pleasure to be here”. Sarajevo Talent Campus seeks to create connections not only among fellow-talents, but also between them and experienced film professionals, Sarajevo Film Festival guests and CineLink Co-Production Market participants. 

The natural follow-up of Sarajevo Talent Campus-City of Film was initiated five years ago with the aim of utilizing experiences and knowledge gained at the Talent Campus for creation of micro-budget short films which are shot in Sarajevo by Campus participants. Within three days of shooting, with the same equipment and budget at their disposal, and through the work with their colleagues from the Talent Campus and international crew, young directors, Orsi Nagypal (Hungary) and Jelena Gavrilovic (Serbia) were offered the opportunity to demonstrate their talent.The 6th City of Film offered at the opening ceremony of Talent Campus as the inspiration for all the Festival guests and film admirers their following films: 
Something Sweet, by Jelena Gavrilovic and Roundabout, directed by Orsi Nagypal and written by young Greek scriptwriter, Elizampetta Ilia-Georgiadou.
  Standing Aside, Watching
  A Stranger
  Maya Vitkova
  Jelena Gavrilovic
  Yorgos Servetas
  Bobo Jelcic
  Ivan Ikic
  Elizampetta Ilia-Georgiadou
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