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Hellenic Television Supports Greek Cinema
14 November 2012
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Public television’s responsibility to support film and the institution of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival is greater in times of crisis, said Nikos Tellis, president of Greece’s public broadcasting system ERT. 

“Art, especially film, records the processes and undercurrents, it provides the breath we need to get through difficult times,” he told reporters at a news conference on November 8 at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. “Supporting it is within public television’s social role.”

During the news conference mr. Tellis presented ERT’s new policy on cinema, and made special mention of the assistance provided by ERT board member Haris Papadopoulos in shaping it. 
The so-called 1.5% committee would be renamed "the Committee for Managing Resources for Film" and said that the cooperation agreement between ERT and the Greek Film Center would be revised. 
Mr. Tellis said the state broadcaster would fund 35 films this year but that it would also produce several films itself and support the production of ready films. He said ERT would also undertake a range of initiatives to help promote film, such as providing free advertizing time, and would contribute towards the screening and promotion costs of Greek films at international festivals. ERT will also produce special shows aimed at promoting film and establishing screening zones on its stations—ET1, NET, and ET3. 
Mr. Tellis added that attention would be focused on developing and supporting short films aimed at improving their quality and increasing their quantity, in accordance with available resources each year. ERT’s program on short films, Microfilm, will also be included in the 1.5%--the public broadcaster’s policy of allocating 1.5 per cent of its gross income each year for film production. 

Mr. Papadopoulos spoke extensively on ERT’s determination to unblock financing for film and allocate, by decision of managing director Nikos Simos, the sum of 3,450,000 euros for the production of 35 films in the 2012-2013 season. 
Mr. Papadopoulos also referred to ERT’s decision to move ahead with film exchanges with other members of the European Broadcasting Union aimed at promoting Greek film to a larger foreign audience. Networking through international organizations will also be used to promote the screening and distribution of Greek films, he added. 
To boost film in the domestic market, a new festival-style film “marathon” will be organized with the "Attikon" and "Apollon" film theaters in Athens during which 100 films by Greek directors will be screened.

Mr. Kostas Bliakas, managing director of ET3, spoke about ERT’s support for film and especially the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, which it also supports financially. 
“In these difficult circumstances, culture finds a way to blossom, providing inspiration for creativity but also for stimulating the public,” he said. 

The ERT executives were introduced by TIFF director Dimitris Eipidis, who thanked the public broadcaster for its continuing support. “The Festival owes ERT a lot and exists because of the support it provides every year.” 

The 35 movies that ERT has decided to finance for the period of 2012 - 2013 with the total amount of 3.450.000 Euros are:

Others, Director,  Producer Panagiotis Karkanevatos, 150.000 Euros
Louton, director Michael Constantatos, Producer George Tsourgiannis, 100.000 Euros
Wednesday 4:45, Director Alexis Alexiou, Producer Helen Berde, 100.000 Euros
Xenia, Director Panos Koutras, Producer Panos Koutras and Helen Kossifidou, 130.000 Euros
Londsale, Director Christos Dimas, Producer Constantinos Moriatis, 80.000 Euros
Agon, Director Robert Budina, Producer Lilette Botasi, 40.000 Euros
September, Director Penny Panayotopoulou, Producer P.P Production, Thanos Karathanos, 100.000 Euros
4 Portokalia, Director Dimitris Yatzouzakis, Producer Solid Ground Films Dimitris Yatzouzakis, 90.000 Euros
Istoria Tis Prasinis Grammis, Director,  Producer Pannikos Chrysanthou, 40.000 Euros
Oneira oi Zoes mas, Director,  Producer Nikos Kavoukidis, 100.000 Euros
O Eksadaxtylos, Director Giannis Oikonomidis, Producer Panos Papahatzis, 170.000 Euros
Virus, Director Aggelos Frantzis, Producer Maria Tsiga, 100.000 Euros
Resalto, Director, Producer Vassilis Vafeas, 100.000 Euros
Ypsipyli, Director, Producer Lena Voudouri, 180.000 Euros
Standing Aside, Watching, Director Yorgos Servetas, Producer Fenia Kossovitsa, 180.000 Euros
Moter, Director Tassos Gerakinis, Producer Nikos Sekeris, 180.000 Euros
O Protos Gelaei Kalytera,  Director Stella Manola, Producer Nikos NIkoletos, 180.000 Euros
H Gallida Daskala, Director Nikos Soulis, Producer Helen Afentaki, 180.000 Euros
To Nima, Director Alexander Voulgaris, Producer Helen Berde, 90.000 Euros
Unfair World, Director Philippos Tsitos, Producer Alexandra Boussiou, 80.000 Euros
Wild Duck, Director,  Producer Yannis Sakaridis, 40.000 Euros
Magikos Peltes, Director Foteini Kotrotsi, Producer NIX MOVIE, 150.000 Euros
I Koilada Ton Rodon, Director, Producer Nikos Panagiotopoulos, 120.000 Euros
To Koritsi Pou Ithele Na Megalosei, Director, Producer Minos Nikolakakis, 60.000 Euros
Ola Gia Tin Karekla, Director, Producer Iordanis Ananiadis, 40.000 Euros
Telos Meta, Director, Producer Stratos Tzitzis, 80.000 Euros 
Gia Na Dei Ti Thallasa, Director Angeliki Antoniou, Producer N-Orasis, 80.000 Euros
Epistrofi stis Rizes, Director Panos Kokkinopoulos, Producer Bessy Voudouri and Panos Kokkinopoulos, 10.000 Euros
Forget Me Not, Director Yannis Fagras, Producer Anastasios Vassileiou, 150.000 Euros
A Ship To Palestine, Director Nikos Koundouros, Producer Pantelis Kalatzis Showtime Productions, 60.000 Euros
Joy, Director,  Producer Elias Giannakakis, 50.000 Euros
Chess Games or Mantzourana, Director Olga Malea, Producer Malea Productions & Studio ATA Nikos Christoforou, 50.000 Euros
10th Day, Director Vassilis Mazomenos, Producers Vassilis Mazomenos, Takis Zervoulakos, X Rated Films SA, 30.000 Euros
Dogs, Cats & Rats, Director, Producer Adrianos Georgantas, 30.000 Euros
The City Of Children, Director, Producer Giorgos Gikapeppas, 40.000 Euros 

  10th Day
  Unfair World
  The City of Children
  Boy Eating the Bird`s Food
  Standing Aside, Watching
  Wild Duck
  Still River
  A Ship to Palestine
  Nikos Sekeris
  Nikos Koundouros
  Yorgos Tsourgiannis
  Angeliki Antoniou
  Vassilis Mazomenos
  Ektoras Lygizos
  Penny Panayotopoulou
  Yannis Sakaridis
  Yannis Fagras
  Philippos Tsitos
  Panos Karkanevatos
  Robert Budina
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