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The Priest`s Children scores the best Croatian film opening ever!
21 January 2013
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In less than a month, a Croatian film again broke the box-office record. The island comedy The Priest’s Children by Vinko Brešan took in 144,565 EUR/1,094,851 HRK at the box office and sold 33,759 tickets in the opening weekend.

The Priest’s Children scored the best Croatian film opening since the country΄s independence (i.e. in the last 22 years), exceeding the number of viewers of the current theatre hit Sonja and the Bull by Vlatka Vorkapić (9,949 viewers), as well as of previous hit films such as Lara’s Choice: The Lost Prince by Tomislav Rukavina (11,105) and What Is a Man Without a Mustache? by Hrvoje Hribar (10,337). With its 33,759 viewers (comparing favorably to the 52,000 admissions for The Hobbit in its first weekend) and grossing three times more at the box-office than the current Croatian record-breaker (Sonja and the Bull), The Priest’s Children has conquered the title of the most successful Croatian film opening.


"I am, naturally, thrilled that the over 30,000 people saw The Priest’s Children in Croatia on its first weekend. Many will say that the rates are not critical, but we are all aware of the fact that films are made with public money and therefore it is important that the Croatian public is showing an interest in them. The synergy between Sonja and the Bull, The Priest’s Children and later The Mystery Boy can establish the reputation of Croatian film as the most important cultural product in Croatia", said Vinko Brešan.

Judging by the promising beginning, 2013 might be the year of Croatian film – as announced by the first box-office statistics for The Priest’s Children, but also the fantastic rates achieved by Vlatka Vorkapić’s comedy, which still scores outstanding results (69,718 people so far).

"Congratulations to Vinko and Vlatka and others who made these films. With equal joy I congratulate the actors, producers, filmmakers and especially Croatian distributers, broadcasters and media. I thank the Croatian Audiovisual Council for reaching the decisions that made this happen. In order to win the lottery, it is important to first buy the ticket: in our case, it is primarily important to make several good and interesting films for the audience. Excellent results achieved by these two Croatian films are not a matter of luck, but hard work by all who knew how to read and implement the National Programme in which rates and visibility are some of the most important goals. Croatian Television also helped tremendously by opening space to Croatian films this summer, as well as RTL and Nov@TV, who participated in the advertising campaigns", said Hrvoje Hribar, Head of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Source: HAVC
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