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Interview with Shooting Star Ada Condeescu
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Let΄s introduce Ada Condeescu! Could you please tell us a little bit about your background and education. And what drew you into acting?

Since I was a little girl, I grew up among artists, my parents worked at the National Museum of Literature and they gave me a special "training": theater plays, cinema, jazz concerts and a lot of bohemian parties. I was fascinated by this world, by the actors and directors and so probably I was influenced to explore this universe. I studied Italian literature in high school and then I was a student at the National University of Drama and Cinematography in Bucharest.

Tell us about your first feature film, If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle and your collaboration with Florin Serban.
This feature was a great chance for me. It was the moment when I could bring to light the things I’ve learned during the University classes, my talent, my devotion to acting. Florin Serban succeeded to bring me to a very natural level of acting, powerful and filled with emotions . "Ana" is a big challenge for any actor, she didn’t have many lines, she communicated her feelings only through the eyes, the body, other fragile details.

Ada Condeescu and George Pistereanu in If I  Want To Whistle, I Whistle

And after that, you΄ve collaborated with Catalin Mitulescu in Loverboy that gave you the  Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Acting at Sarajevo Film Festival. Describe the impact of this success in your life and career. 

First of all , it was amazing!! I was surrounded by such nice, talented people and it was a real joy and honor to receive The Heart of Sarajevo! It meant a lot for me! For the Romanian press it had a kind of Hollywood flavor because Angelina Jolie was there, as well as Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, so it had a huge impact in Romania!
Romanian films have been very successful the last ten years. Could you talk about the Romanian New Wave?

Actually I don΄t believe in this general term. I feel that every Romanian movie is different. The directors have different stories to tell as well as their ways of expressing them.


In your opinion, is there a Balkan Cinema? Do films produced in the Balkan counties have some common elements?

I΄ve been a lot at film festivals in the Balkans. It was a pleasure for me to see that these films are actually very different through their way of presenting things. Of course sometimes, there are some common elements: the poverty, the lonely teenagers and their desire of understanding the world, the criminality, even the atmosphere could look the same...but the good movies have a strong personality, so you may forget the common elements. I really like when this happens to me.

Do you believe that there is a language barrier for an actor of Balkan countries to work in an international production?

Sometimes it could be. It depends a lot on the project, the character, the time the actor has to prepare for the part. Sometimes, you just don΄t sound as a native British and that’s it. You have to wait for the right part to come.

Tell us a few things about your last film, Wolf, and your future plans. 
It will be a surrealistic film. It is very different from everything I’ve made till now, it΄s a strange girl with bizarre feelings and emotions. I guess it ΄s very hard not to fall in love with her as the main character does. I hope the film will be released this year and I΄m very excited about the premiere, how the audience would feel about this movie.
What are your expectations after being selected as a Shooting Star?

I really hope that this important platform will bring me the opportunity to work abroad. To meet new people and to discover interesting stories and characters. I also hope it will be easier for me to find a talent agent in Europe.

Ada in Wolf

Thank you very much Ada.
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