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Interview With Shooting Star Arta Dobroshi
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Let΄s introduce Arta Dobroshi! Could you please tell us a little bit about your background and education. And what drew you into acting?

Hello, Greetings. I am born in Pristina and lived there until I was 15, and then went to the US as an exchange student and this was the first time I did a play or anything to do with acting.  Also when I was little, my grandmother used to call me Shirley Temple, so maybe that had a bit of influence on me.  I finished the Academy of Arts-Acting in Pristina, Kosovo, worked there in many theater plays and short films.

And your first feature film? How was this experience?

Not really good. It was a tough one and not such a pleasant experience. I remember the producer of the film told me “after this film, everything else is going to seem easy”, and its true in a way.

Lorna`s Silence

The last 5 years you΄ve participated in francophone productions. For your role in Lorna you have been nominated twice for Best Actress Award, you are pre-selected for Cesar with Trois Monde, and now you are the Shooting Star of Kosovo. Tell us about this experience: to work between two countries. 

It feels really amazing. I also won the best actress award in Los Angeles at the Women’s International Film and Television Showcase so it really feels great.  I appreciate it so much. It’s so important to believe in your dreams and to follow your heart.  Until I was 18 I lived in a war zone where you were stopped to even think freely, but in my mind I had no barriers no borders. I somehow always thought globally.

What is the impact of this success in your country and do you have any offers for films back home? 

The impact is great. I think it`s important to know that you can do whatever you wish for, no matter where you come from, or how you look like.  Just follow your heart.

Arta Dobroshi in Cannes with Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

In your opinion, is there a Balkan Cinema? Do films produced in the Balkan counties have some common elements?

I’m not sure. I think that there are many different films, it all depends on the people that make them.

What are the differences between the films you΄ve made in the Balkans and your francophone films?

I didn’t make so many films in the Balkans.  I played in many theatre plays there and my experience was really wonderful.  I worked with really great people.

Tell us a few things about your last film and your future plans. 

My last film is Trois Mondes, and it was shot in Paris.  We presented the film in Cannes this year.  And my future plans are to keep on feeling good.

What are your expectations after being selected as a Shooting Star?

For the moment I am just trying to enjoy it and appreciate it fully.  

Arta Dobroshi in Trois Mondes

Thank you very much Arta.
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