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A Day with Thanos Anastopoulos
First Publication: altcine 5/3/2013
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The greek director, Thanos Anastopoulos, visited altcine and spend a day with us in the occasion of the selection of his last film The Daughter at the Forum of Berlinale this year.
The discussion started with his last film, and as the day went on, we talked "a tutto campo", an italian expression for "all matters", of Greek and Balkan cinema. Thanos Anastopoulos lives in Italy the last five years and works in Italy and Greece.
The discussion with Thanos Anastopoulos was vivid and meaningful, full of almost revolutionnary approaches. Enjoy!

In the first part of this all day discussion, Thanos Anastopoulos talks about his latest film The Daughter. The film tells the story of a 14-year old girl, of an 8 year-old boy and of a bankrupt wood warehouse in Athens 2012. Shooting in 28 days, with few money and a small crew of longtime collaborators, Anastopoulos, through his production company Fantasia Audiovisual Ltd, has created his third feaurure film, in Athens in the midst of economic crisis. The director discusses the conditions of filmmaking, reveals his way of working and his future plans.

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In the second part, the discussion focused on the New Greek Wave, which despite the economic crisis creates a plethora of interesting films and travels all over the world, to festivals and theaters. We talked about the film production nowadays, the distribution in Greece and Europe, the possibilites offered by the "wonderful digital world", and the cinema of our neighbors of other Balkan countries.

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Do Greek movies have similarities with the cinema of the Balkans? Is there a Balkan cinema? Are the similarities in terms of theme, style and production, of the constantly awarded movies from Balkan countries, enough to restart the debate about the definition of "Balkan Cinema" or even its existence as such?
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