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Union of Romanian Filmmakers awards winners for 2012
19 March 2013
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The Romanian filmmakers Union (UCIN) presented the awards for the best Romanian productions of 2012. The Ceremony was held at Cinema Studio on March 15.

Radu Jude’s Everybody in Our Family received four awards, including Best Director. It also won in the categories Best actor for Serban Pavlu, Best Actress for Mihaela Sirbu (the award was given for her performance in the film Phantom Father as well) and Best Supporting Actress for Sofia Nicolaescu.

Serban Pavlu and Sofia Nicolaescu, Everybody in Our Family by Radu Jude

Four awards also won the film Somewhere in Palilula, Best Cinematography (Adrian Silisteanu), Best Music (Vasile Sirli), Best Costumes (Lia Mantoc) and Art Direction (Helmut Sturmer). 

Tudor Giurgiu’s Of Snails and Men won the Special Jury Prize, Best Script (Ion Teianu) and Best Editing (Nita Chivulescu).

Gabriel Achim’s Adalbert’s Dream won the Best Debut and Tudor Smoleanu received  the prize for Best Supporting Actor  in Dan Chişu’s Chasing Rainbows. Best Documentary was awarded  to A Dream’s Merchant by Bogdan Ilie Micu.

This year the jury of the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) decided not to nominate any film in the Best Film category because of Cristian Mungiu’s refusal  to allow for his latest film Beyond The Hills to compete for the Romanian Filmmakers Union Awards. Despite that, the Union awarded Cristian Mungiu with an Excellency Prize.

An Excellency Prize was also awarded to critic, film historian and screenwriter Tudor Caranfil while producer Ada Solomon received Best Producer Award for her special contribution in promoting new filmmakers.

Tudor Caranfil receiving the Award of Excellence

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