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Gopo Awards or the Major Romanian Cinema Awards for 2012 film productions
© Marian Tutui
26 March 2013
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Last night (25th of March 2013) the Association for Promoting Romanian Cinema (AFPR) awarded the Gopo prizes to the best achievements of the Romanian film in 2012. It is the sixth edition of the awards that honor Ion Popescu- Gopo, the first Romanian filmmaker who received a Golden Palm as early as 1957 with his short animation film A Short History (Scurta istorie). The funny history of mankind epitomized by a naked little man sketched in just a few lines turned Ion Popescu- Gopo into the first Romanian filmmaker included in film encyclopedias. On his turn, the little naked man became a symbol of Romanian cinema while in the last years a statuette rewarding 23 achievements of the year in Romanian cinema. The Gopo awards adopted the model of Oscars, Cesars, BAFTA or Goya awards. As usual a jury of 11 members (six film critics and five members representing cinema industry) selected the nominees, while more than 400 jurors involved in all fields of cinema voted for the awards. 
Unfortunately, again the most important competitors refused to participate. This year it is about the film Beyond the Hills (Dupa dealuri), its director Cristian Mungiu, the actresses Cosmina Stratan and Cristina Flutur, who received in 2012 the awards for the best screenplay, respectively for the best actress in Cannes. We could not find out the reason but two of the winners expressed on the stage of the Romanian Opera House their regret for the great absence. Such absence shadowed in a certain extent an event that has become quite prestigious and glamorous in Bucharest in the last years. It reminds us that in fact it is about a private initiative, not an institutional one and that in the Balkans consensus is almost unreachable so that everything is questionable. 

Everybody In Our Family by Radu Jude

The great winners this year were Radu Jude and his film Everybody in Our Family (Toata lumea din familia noastra) who received no less than six awards: for the best director, best film, best script (Radu Jude and Corina Sabau), best leading male role (Serban Pavlu), best actress in a secondary role (Mihaela Sirbu) and best actor in a secondary role (Gabriel Spahiu). Another important winner was the film Somewhere in Palilula (Undeva la Palilula) directed by Silviu Purcarete which received the other seven awards for long feature films: for the best image (Adrian Silisteanu), best editing (Catalin Cristutiu), best sound (Cristine Sirli, Florin Tabacaru and Cristian Tarnovetchi), best original music score (Vasile Sirli), best set decoration (Helmut Stürmer and Dragos Buhagiar), best costumes (Lia Mantoc) and best makeup and hairstyle (Dan Roseanu, Minela Popa, Ionel Popa and Doina Popa). Everybody in Our Family is a powerful drama unleashed by divorce while Somewhere in Palilula is the first film of a successful theatre director, a controversial film with a Fellini atmosphere. The only other award left for a long feature film, the one for the best box-office success was shared by two comedies: Of Snails and Men (Despre oameni si melci), directed by Tudor Giurgiu and Tell Me Beautiful Lies (Minte-ma frumos) (directed by Iura Luncasu) with 63,778 spectators, respectively with revenues of 200,000 euro. 

The best documentary was Turn off the Lights by Ivana Mladenović, the story of several convicts after they leave the prison. It is interesting that the documentary is inspired by the same prison where was shot If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle (Eu cand vreau sa flueir, fluier) by Florin Serban, awarded with the Silver Bear in 2010 at Berlinale. House Party (Chefu`) directed by Adrian Sitaru received the award for the best short fiction film. It is about the funny story version of the neighbors about a homemade party while the parents are away. 

Other awards were for the best debut film (Adalbert`s Dream/ Visul lui Adalbert by Gabriel Achim), for the best young aspiring talent (film director Nicolae Constantin Tanase for Blu), the best European film distributed in Romania (Holy Motors by Leos Carax) and for the entire career (to actors Mitica Popescu and Constantin Codrescu, as well as to producer Mihai Crisan).    
The Winners of the Gopo Awards 2013

Everybody In Our Family
- Best film
- Best Director: Radu Jude
- Best Script: Radu Jude, Corina Sabau
- Best Actor in a Leading Role: Serban Pavlu
- Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Mihaela Sirbu
- Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Gabriel Spahiu

Somewhere In Palilula
- Best Cinematography: Adrian Silisteanu
- Best Editing: Catalin Cristitiu
- Best Sound: Cristine Sirli, Florin Tabacaru, Cristina Tarnovetchi
- Best Original Music Score: Vasile Sirli
- Best Set Decoration: Helmut Sturmer, Dragos Buhagiar
- Best Costumes: Lia Mantoc
- Best Make Up and Hairstyles: Dan Roseanu, Minela Popa, Ionel Popa, Doina Popa 

Box Office
Of Snails and Men by Tudor Giurgiu
Tell me Beautiful Lies by Iura Luncasu

Best Documentary
Turn off the Lights by Ivana Mladenović

Best Short Film
House Party by Adrian Sitaru

Best European film distributed in Romania 
Holy Motors by Leos Carax

Honorary Awards
Mitica Popescu
Constantin Codrescu
Mihai Crisan

Photographs by Doru Oprisan and Cristi Duminecioiu
  If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle
  Adalbert`s Dream
  Beyond the Hills
  Of Snails and Men
  Somewhere in Palilula
  Everybody in Our Family
  House Party
  Tudor Giurgiu
  Cristian Mungiu
  Christinel Sirli
  Gabriel Spahiu
  Cristian Tarnovetchi
  Adrian Silisteanu
  Adrian Sitaru
  Vasile Sirli
  Radu Jude
  Catalin Cristutiu
  Serban Pavlu
  Florin Serban
  Florin Tabacaru
  Gabriel Achim
  Cosmina Stratan
  Cristina Flutur
  Silviu Purcarete
  Dragos Buhagiar
  Helmut Sturmer
  Lia Mantoc
  Corina Sabau
  Mihaela Sirbu
  Iura Luncasu
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