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Producers Lab Toronto 2013 to Host Guest Country Producers
4 April 2013
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Fourth edition of producer networking platform announced by EFP, OMDC and TIFF for the Toronto International Film Festival® - Australian and New Zealand producers to participate
European Film Promotion (EFP), Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) and the Toronto International Film Festival are pleased to announce the 2013 framework for PRODUCERS LAB TORONTO, the fourth edition of the successful international networking platform set for the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

PRODUCERS LAB TORONTO has successfully built a network of trans-Atlantic relationships and promoted several Europe-Canada co-productions to date. In 2013 PLT will include producers from guest countries Australia and New Zealand – further broadening the platform and enabling European and Canadian producers to collaborate with representatives from these two dynamic and creative film industries.

From September 4 to 7, ten handpicked European producers will meet ten counterparts from Canada and four producers from Australia and New Zealand, with the participation of Screen Australia and New Zealand Film Commission. The MEDIA Mundus program of the European Union has already confirmed financial backing for the fourth edition of the platform at the Toronto International Film Festival. Additional support will be coming from partners OMDC and TIFF, Eurimages, Telefilm Canada, and the associated EFP member organizations. Additional support is anticipated from Canadian provincial funders with producers selected for the event.

“We are very glad that we can enable producers from Europe and Canada to build up business relationships amongst one another as well as with Australia and New Zealand”, says Renate Rose, Managing Director of EFP. “The film industry is so international now that it’s fundamental that one shares knowledge about financial and technical resources as well as compatible ideas with colleagues from around the globe. We are very excited to see what grows out of this extended international framework that widens the potential for new collaboration.“

Scheduled during the Toronto International Film Festival, PRODUCERS LAB TORONTO benefits from the strong presence of US and international buyers, European and Canadian film funds, agents and financiers, as well as a huge international media presence. The program enables producers to build relationships, access markets and exchange knowledge to advance their film projects, with pitching sessions, one-on-one-meetings, case studies, and financing and co-production information sessions. Former PLT participants include the Golden Bear-winning producer Ada Solomon from Romania (Berlinale 2013, Child’s Pose), and Stephen Traynor from Canada (Adoration, Chloe, Midnight΄s Children).

The European participants are selected by EFP member organizations and must have attended EFP΄s acclaimed Cannes-based program PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE. The producers from Canada are chosen by OMDC and TIFF from an open call for submissions. Screen Australia and New Zealand Film Commission select the participants from their countries.

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