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goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, Wiesbaden, 2013
8 April 2013
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The goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, Wiesbaden, will have its 13th edition this year from 10 to 16 of April. Audiences will have the opportunity to watch a variety of older films as well as some of the best latest films  from the region. 

Among the films that will be screened are Adrian Sitaru`s latest film Domestic, the multiawarded co-production Circles by director Srdan Golubovic and Miroslav Momcilovic`s Death of a Man in Balkans

During the festival it will be held a symposium under the title Bright Black Frames – New Yogaslav Film Between Subversion and Critique.

Three, directed by Aleksandar Petrovic

"The 2013 goEast Symposium returns to the most exciting decade in the history of Yugoslav cinema. The period between 1963 and 1973 witnessed the birth and death of New Yugoslav Film – or “Black Wave”, to use the derogatory term coined by Party intellectuals and the communist authorities. The label was applied to movies examining social deprivation and marginalization, to any film critical of the authorities and official ideology. The films of the Black Wave showed a Yugoslav reality that contrasted sharply with the officially proclaimed vision of steady social advancement and progress. As the Black Wave (sometimes called Golden Age of Yugoslav film) approaches its 50th anniversary, the 2013 goEast Symposium aspires to something more than a nostalgic survey. The curators want to trace the specific political-aesthetic attributes of a heterogeneous movement. 
Bright Black Frames shows the enormous creative drive and productivity that led to a new avant-garde and innovations such as the docu-drama. Special attention is paid to the short films that first addressed subjects like unemployment and the working conditions of migrant workers; even today, these problems remain on the sidelines of social discourse. 
The programme of lectures and films aims to illuminate those grey areas as well as identify exactly what was black about the Black Wave. From the post-Yugoslav perspective, a new question is equally acute: Has the entire history of Yugoslavia become a black spot? The notion of “Yugoslavia“ rouses ambiguous images ranging from the totalitarian to the nostalgic. The Symposium brings together contemporary witnesses and scholars, explores production and memories, and shows film classics and discoveries of Yugoslav Black Wave." 

Early Works by Zelimir Zilnik

Within the symposium there will be screenings of the films Three by Aleksandar Petrovic, The Morning by Purisa Dordevic, The Last Stop by Jose Babic, Red Wheat by Zivojin Pavlovic, Crows by Gordan Mihić and Ljubiša Kozomara, Early Works by Zelimir Zilnik and Dusan Makavejev`s Innosence Unprotected.

  Innocence Unprotected
  Early Works
  Death Of A Man In Balkans
  Srdan Golubovic
  Gordan Mihic
  Adrian Sitaru
  Dusan Makavejev
  Zivojin Pavlovic
  Aleksandar Petrovic
  Zelimir Zilnik
  Miroslav Momcilovic
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