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Meetings On The Bridge 2013 Awards
15 April 2013
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The eighth edition of the Meetings on the Bridge within the scope of the Istanbul Film Festival, organised under the sponsorship of Efes, has continued to offer opportunities for initial international presentations of new feature film projects, bringing together producers, directors, scriptwriters and organisation representatives from Europe and Turkey. The awarded projects in the Film Development Workshop and Work in Progress organised under the scope of Meetings on the Bridge with the supports of Efes, as well as the projects to be supported by the Turkey-Germany Co-Production Development Fund were presented at an Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, 11 April at Palais de France and hosted by Laurent Bili, French Ambassador to Turkey.

Work in Progress

The Work in Progress, which is open to feature films and documentaries that have completed 50% of the shooting or in post production in the aiming to support the completion of the films, was held for the second time this year under the scope of the Meetings on the Bridge. 5 films are selected by the Advisory Board of the Meetings on the Bridge consisting of Azize Tan, Gülin Üstün and Tobias Pausinger.

At the Awards Ceremony Paolo Bertolin stated "First of all the jury would like to express an award of praise for all projects included in the Work in Progress Workshop. Through their different narrative and aesthetic approaches, the five Work in Progress films mirrors and project a variety of currents and trends among the directors at their first and second feature, that hails a bright and very diverse for future New Turkish Cinema. We thus would like to equally congratulate  the selection committe for its choices and the filmmakers for their efforts to bring to life and to the big screen their stories and visions." 

The projects selected in the Work in Progress of the Meetings on the Bridge are:

Kalandar Soğuğu / Cold of Kalandar (Director: Mustafa Kara, Producer: Nermin Aytekin)
Kar Korsanları / Snow Pirates (Director: Faruk Hacıhafızoğlu, Producer: Faruk Hacıhafızoğlu)
Kusursuzlar / The Impeccables (Director: Ramin Matin, Producers: Giyotin Film / Emine Yıldırım, Oğuz Kaynak ve Karavan Film / Bertrand Glosset)
Sesimi İzle / Watch My Soundtrack  (Director: Koray Ezgin, Producer: Koray Ezgin)
Sivas (Director: Kaan Müjdeci, Producer: Kaan Müjdeci)

Following the project presentations, the international jury, consisting of co-founder of Full House and producer Didar Domehri, selection committee and consultant Venice International Film Festival Paolo Bertolin and Wild Bunch Head of Acquisitions Marie-Pierre Valle selected Ramin Matin’s Kusursuzlar / The Impeccables  which received 10.000 US Dollars “Efes Award”, presented for the first time this year. The award was presented to the producers of the film Emine Yıldırım, Oğuz Kaynak and Bertrand Glosset by Efes Turkey Brand PR and Communication Planning Manager Nihan Erçetin. 1000 VOLT Post Production Award by 1000 VOLT, which  consist of the online editing and all the sound processing of the film, was presented by Murat İzzet Arslan, Volt Post Production Supervisor to Kaan Müjdeci, producer of Sivas.

Film Development Workshop

12 projects elected from among 159 applications for the Film Development Workshop, held for sixth time within the scope of the Meetings on the Bridge of the Istanbul Film Festival, by the Meetings on the Bridge Advisory Committee consisting of Ahmet Boyacıoğlu, Sevil Demirci, Yamaç Okur and the Selection Committee consisting of Feride Çiçekoğlu, Hüseyin Karabey and Serkan Çakarer.

The projects selected for the Film Development Workshop of the Meetings on the Bridge are:

Albüm / The Cliff Shore (Mehmetcan Mertoğlu)
Antoine Köpe’nin Günlükleri / Memoirs of Antoine Köpe (Nefin Dinç)
Bayrak / Flag (Ezgi Kaplan)
Ben Tek Siz Hepiniz / Everyman for Himself (İnan Temelkuran)
Cemil Şov / Cemil Show (Barış Sarhan)
Deniz Seviyesi / A Sea Apart (Nisan Dağ/Esra Saydam)
İkarus / Icarus (İlksen Başarır)
Kaçış / Escape (Kenan Kavut)
Kan Parası / Blood Money (Kıvanç Sezer)
Kardeşler / Brothers (Ömür Atay)
Mavi Çadır / Blue Tent (Marşa Franco)
Saklı / Secret (Selim Evci)

The owners of the 12 projects elected from the applications met with the International Jury consisting of Can Anamur (D Productions), Didem Oğuz (Melodika), Ewa Puszczynska (Opus Film), Gamila Ylstra (Bingerlab Filmlab), Jacqueline Ada (CNC), Nadia Turincev (Rouge International), Olivier Pere (Arte France), Roberto Olla (Eurimages), on 10-11 April.

With his project Album / The Cliff Shore, Mehmet Can Mertoğlu was presented with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Tourism and Culture Support Award of USD 10,000 as well as Melodika’s Sound Post-Production Support Award.

İnan Temelkuran was awarded with the Support Award of EURO 10,000 presented by French National Cinema Center (CNC), the backbone of the French film industry, with his project Ben Tek Siz Hepiniz / Everyman For Himself.

Nefin Dinç’s project Antoine Köpe’nin Günlükleri / Memoirs of Antoine Köpe was awarded with the Binger Lab Script Consultancy scholarship of EURO 2,500 given for the second time this year. This scholarship started to be provided as of 2011 by the Dutch film institution Binger Lab, an organisation reputable in the international film industry and specialized in script doctorate and project consultancy, involves a one-to-one study with the Binger Lab script consultant over skype.

The awards were presented to the selected projects by His Excellency Laurent Bili, French Ambassador to Turkey, Binger Lab General Director Gamila Ylstra and Melodika’s co-founder Didem Oğuz.

Turkish-German Co-Production Fund

During the ceremony, the projects to be supported by the Turkey-Germany Co-Production Development Fund aiming at providing a further incentive for co-productions between the two countries through the cooperation of the İstanbul Film Festival Meetings on the Bridge, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Fund were also announced.

The 6 projects elected unanimously by the jury consisting of representative of institutions from among the 10 submitted projects will be supported with a fund. The representatives of all the three institutions noted the high quality of the projects and expressed that they were excited for new Turkish-German co-productions to arise in the futur and that they were much pleased to have worked together.

The 6 projects to be supported by the Turkish-German Co-Production Fund are:

Rüzgarın Hatıraları / Memories of the Wind (Özcan Alper)- 22.000 Euro
Co-producers: Nar Film Yapım (TR), Bredok Film Production (DE)

Kardeşler / Brothers (Ömür Atay)- 15.000 Euro
Producer: Anka Film (TR), Beleza Film (DE)

Sessizlik / Silence (Seren Yüce)- 20.000 Euro
Producer: Motiva Film (TR), Wüste Film OST  (DE)

Kervan Ateşi / The Tales of Caravanserai (Ezel Akay)- 20.000 Euro
Producer: 90 Film Prodüksiyon (TR), Bredok Film Production (DE)

Nefesim Kesilene Kadar / Until I Lose My Breath (Emine Emel Balcı)- 20.000 Euro
Producer: Prolog Film (TR) / Una Film (DE)

Mesafe / Distance (Rezan Yesilbas)- 10.000 Euro
Producer: Yeni Sinemacilik (TR), mîtosfilm(DE)

The Meetings on the Bridge aims at standing by our filmmakers during their international excursions and supporting new prospects in our film industry. Offering film makers an international platform for presenting their projects and providing them the means for locating the support required for initiating their production stages, the on the Bridge will continue to bring together European institution representatives and Turkish filmmakers within the scope of Istanbul Film Festival in the years to come.

  Ahmet Boyacıoglu
  Kenan Kavut
  Serkan Cakarer
  Ozcan Alper
  Yamac Okur
  Huseyin Karabey
  Inan Temelkuran
  Sevil Demirci
  Anka Film
  Bredok Film Production
  +90 Film
  Nar Film
  Motiva Film
  Beleza Film
  Yeni Sinemacilar
  Centre national du cinéma et de l`image animée (CNC)
  Istanbul Film Festival Official site
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