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The Greek Film Center won΄t shut down
7 June 2013
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In the joint press conference with The Greek Deputy Minister of Culture, Mr. Kostas Tzavaras and the General Director of the Greek Film Center, Grigoris Karantinakis, that was held on the 5th of June 2013, Mr. Tzavaras announced that the Greek Film Center won΄t shut down, despite the rumors that were spread after the recent interview of the publisher Yiannis Soldatos. Kostas Tzavaras denied that Mr. Soldatos is his informal consultant, as many believed.

As Mr. Tzavaras pointed out, “ The reinforcement of the local film industry, as well as the promotion of Greek films should be the State΄s main obligation.” He also stressed that changes are necessary to be made in the Law No. 3905/2010 ΄Reinforcement and Development of Film Art and Other Provisions΄ in order for it to become more functional and effective. Furthermore, the Deputy Minister mentioned the need for the upgrading of “Thessaloniki International Film Festival” by adding an inclusively “Greek Films” section. 

Grigoris Karantinakis, Deputy Minister Kostas Tzavaras

Moreover, he stated that it is crucial to reinforce the Greek films production, in order to promote Greece, as well as to give motives to foreign film productions, so that the country would become an attractive destination. That would result to many benefits for the dissemination of Greek culture and tourism, Mr. Tzavaras pointed out.

The Deputy Minister also referred to the regional festivals, such as “Drama Short Film Festival” and “International Film Festival for Children and Youth” in Olympia, which should acquire institutional entity in order to get improved.

Kostas Tzavaras stressed the need for the creation of an archive (depote legal) of the entire Greek Film Industry in the Greek Film Archive Foundation.

The Deputy Minister concluded, announcing the modernization of a framework of rules, meeting the true needs of Greek Film Industry, in order for it to become more beneficial for culture, tourism and economy.

The General Director of the Greek Film Center, Mr. Grigoris Karantinakis, referred to the results of GFC΄ past goals. He assured that GFC΄s debts to the Greek Film Industry (producers, directors, scriptwriters etc.) will be completely repaid by the Fall 2013. Moreover he mentioned the State debts΄ repayment to the Greek Film Center, resulting from the tax return since 2006 (It has been completely given for 2010 and the State continues the payback for 2011). 

He also pointed out the increase of Hellas Films incomes, as well as the decrease in the functional expenses of the Greek Film Center

Another achievement is that the reinforcement and promotion of 43 Greek films for 2012-2013 reached the amount of 256.848 euros.

Furthermore, Greece participated during the period 2012-2013 in 374 international film festivals and in 170 cultural events, in collaboration with embassies, museums, and istitutions. At that time 56 prizes were awarded to feature and short films. Mr. Karantinakis informed the press about the preparation of Greek films΄ tributes in Toronto (September 2013) and in Reykjavik (October 2013).
He also mentioned the participation of the Greek Film Center in European and European business programs, like Eurimages and NSRF.

Like the Deputy Minister, Mr. Karantinakis also stressed the importance of attracting foreign film productions in Greece, as well as the need for changes in the Law No. 3905/2010 ΄Reinforcement and Development of Film Art and Other Provisions΄

However, the General Director appeared concerned about the decrease in tickets΄ sales (about 22%), during the first five months of 2013. That fall indicates that the State, along with all the competent bodies should fight against the piracy and that motives should be given to the audience, in order for it΄s comeback to the cinemas. 

Mr. Karantinakis concluded by saying that despite the poor economic situation, the Greek Film Center keeps supporting the Greek Film Industry in every way. The Greek Film Industry, he pointed out, is perhaps the most important variant of modern Greek culture and it promotes the country in the best way. 

Read the Law No. 3905/2010 Reinforcement and Development of Film Art and Other Provisions  in Greek  here.

Find the Law No. 3905/2010 Reinforcement and Development of Film Art and Other Provisions  here.
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