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Greek FIlm Archive presents its program in the frames of the project Cinephilia In The New Age
18 July 2013
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The project Cinephilia in the New Age, that was included in the Regional Operational Programme of Attica (ROP Attica, 2007-2013) in the framework of NSRF, is a programme  focussed on culture, admistered by the the Ministry of Culture and Sports. In this framework, the Greek Film Archive organizes a two-year programme, with film and art events, in all two festivals and eight tributes divided in three circles. 

The aim is, on the one hand the continuation of the established events in the programmming of the Archive, like the Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival, and on the other hand the establishment of new thematic circles in the next years: Greeks of the Diaspora in World Cinema, Actuality & Avant-garde, Creative Documentary.
The event program of the Greek Film Archive included in the project Cinephilia in the New Age will be completed by the end of 2014 and is scheduled as follows:

January-February 2013: Retrospective to Kostas Gavras (29.1-6.2)
(Circle: Greeks of the Diaspora)
The project Cinephilia in the New Age was inaugurated with an event of special importance and symbolism for the GFA, not only because Kostas Gavras has been a fervent friend and supporter all this years, but also because he is the president of the mother of all archives, the Cinémathèque Française. As himself underlined in the round-table discussion “Film Archives: the future of the past?”: “The Archives are absolutely necessary […]. As there are museums for our past art, in the same way the Archive is a museum for the 7th art, which safeguards that there will be cinema today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in a hundred years”.


17-27 OCTOBER 2013

This initiative of an Avant-grade Film Festival of the Greek Film Archive years, has met with great success already from its first steps in 2004.  Its success was based on fulfilling demands of the Greek audience for a contemporary hearthstone that cultivates cinephilia in its multidimensional form.   Key events were: the retrospectives to Derek Jarman, Valie Export, Ken McMullen, Peter Kubelka, Germaine Dulac, Helke Sander, Margaret Tait, Delphine Seyrig, to the British cooperative London Filmmakers Coop and to the Dutch experimental cinema, as well as the special screenings of  Keneth Anger, Maya Deren, Laura Mulvey, Ula Stoeckl, Ute Aurand, Udi Aloni, Frans Zwartjes, Babette Mangolte, John Smith, Guy Debord, Thomas Heise and others more.

In this year’s 7th  edition  there are programmed of three great tributes, special screenings and parallel events, and three new sections have been added : two international and one Greek.


Harun Faroki: Against what? Against whom?

Harun Faroki

“I am honored to be invited form the Greek Film Archive to show my works in the School of Fine Arts and in your premises . The honor is even greater when you invite me in such difficult times”.
Harun Farocki

The main tribute of the 7th Athens Avant-garde Film Festival focuses on Harun Faroki, a radical artist, who is well established in the field of cinema so much as in the field of the visual  arts.  Farocki’s  oeuvre is introduced with a triptych tribute that is curated by his long standing and constant collaborator, spouse, his art exhibition curator, Mrs. Antje Ehmann and includes: 

-exhibition in Nikos Kessanlis room of the School of Fine Arts, which will be inaugurated by Faroki himself on the 29th of October and in which 7 video-installations  of the artist from 1995 till today will be exhibited. 
-cinematic tribute in the Greek Film Archive, which presents a representative sample of his entire filmography. Overall 15 works will be screened in film and video, which cover five decades form 1969 to 2009. Every program consists of an older and a newer film, while the filmmaker will be present to some of the screenings. 
-master class in Goethe-Institut Athen

In Pedro’s factory 

Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa, one of the most widely discussed   European auteurs. He comes to the Greek Film Archive to present a full retrospective of his work. In the context of the tribute, which is implemented with the collaboration of Cinemateca Portuguesa. According to Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian Pedro Costa is the “Samuel Beckett of cinema”. The entire oeuvre of Pedro Costa will be screened: five features, two documentaries and five short films. José Manuel Costa, deputy director of the  Portuguese Film Archive will also be in Athens to present Pedro Costa.  

Rossellini Project

Roberto Rossellini

The Greek Film Archive in collaboration with the Bologna Film Archive (Cineteca di Bologna) and with the Italian Educational Institute of Athens in the framework of Projeto Rossellini, presents six digitally restored films of the  great world master Roberto Rossellini. The Machine that Kills Bad people (La macchina ammazzacattivi, 1952), Journey to Italy (Viaggio in Italia, 1953), India (India, 1959), Stromboli (Stroboli terra di dio, 1949), Ways of Love (L’amore, 1948), Rome, Open City (Roma citta aperta, 1945). 


Film fronts
This new section of the Festival, curated by Vassily Bourikas, aims at presenting very recent films from the avant-garde cinema.

2 Narrate or Νot
In the context of the section 2 Narrate or Not, which is curated by Nina Veligradi, eight films will be screened that focus strictly on 2013 and world cinema, and emphasize on the subjective truth of a crisis and to the potential of its optimistic notation.  

Greek Cinema Now!
Greek cinema that doesn’t compromise, that observes, records and stands out- even by remaining silent- against what it means to live in today’s Greece. From avant-garde to documentary and from the ultra cinephile film to low budget projects, the section Greek Cinema Now!, which is curated by Venia Vergou, will screen every year Greek productions strictly chosen by how they deal with the “here and now” of the Greek reality and by how they commune deservedly with the global cinematic cartography. 


Ken McMullen, a dear friend of the Greek Film Archive, returns to debut his new film Ohi.  It is a greek-british production that was implemented after the Greek Film Archive invited Ken McMullen over and includes shootings in Britain and in Greece.
Ohi examines the relationship between ancient Greek classical philosophy and the contemporary crisis is Greece.  On camera talk people of the arts and cinema, but also ordinary people, while part of the shootings has been realized in the GFA.

Red Bank
The new film of Vouvoula Skoura, titled Red Bank, develops around the "Greeks" of James Joyce. The non linear narration of Vagelis Intzidis, guide of the Greek Notes, is illustrated as a puzzle and is attributed to Mando Aravantinou. The shootings were realized in Trieste, where Joyce spent a large part of his life, in London and in Athens, while Panagiotis Kiriakoulakos is the producer (Fantasia Optikoakoustiki, 2013),  following the invitation of the GFA

Riddles of the Sphinx
The terminal Laura Mulvey film Riddles of the Sphinx in a newly digitally restored copy. Visualizing on the screen their theoretical and critical negotiations, Mulvey and Peter Wollen pose the dilemmas of motherhood, as they are experienced in the patriarchical society. They use the emblematic Sphinx so as to examine the Oedipus complex and pose questions about the movement of civilization from a former “mother’s” stage to a “father’s” or “patriarchal” act.

The fringe of the 80s
Three films that were produced in the 80s and after decades will be screened again, along with presentations from the producers and special guests. This section, which is curated by Ursula Cassavetis, focuses on the 80s, when important changes in the political field happened and which had definite influences in the social arena. In the context of the social transformation and the “Change” that was realised in this period, specified social groups continue to remain isolated. Juvenile delinquency, drugs and multileveled alienation characterises what is called the “fringe”, which nevertheless isn’t characterised by homogeneity.  


Reinventing cinephilia 
25th of October 2013
Seminar addressed  to archivists and round table discussion open to the public, in collaboration with the European Association of Film Archives, (ACE, Association des Cinémathèques Européenes).
In the dawn of the 21st century, questions regarding the future of the past and the death of cinema are often posed in the context of the debates for the reinvention of cinephilia. In the cabled world, where young people systematically download films on their i-pads and i-phones, what is it that still keeps the spectators in the cinema rooms and especially in an Archive?
In the workshop and in the round table discussion among others participate: 

Laura Mulvey:Theorist of cinema, author, filmmaker and professor in the University of Birkbeck, London. Accepting for the third time GFA΄s invitation, this time she will talk from the programmer’s perspective, posing the question of programming 16mm films in the programs of Archives.

Nicole Brenez: Top French theorist of the cinematic avant-garde, responsible for the experimental cinema programme of the French Cinematheque and professor in the Film Department of the Sorbonne University (Paris III). She will present an audiovisual interference titled “A history of visual counter-information from 1913 till today”.


November 2013: Documentary and Art Creation (Creative Documentary)
Persistent Talents
A series of documentaries, which focuses on the obsessive universe of artistic creation. 

December 2013: Elias Kazan
(Circle: Greeks of the Diaspora) 

East of Eden

The tribute to Elias Kazan is a grant event, since he was one the most important directors internationally. 
In collaboration with the U.S.A. Embassy

December 2013: Nikos Papatakis 
(Circle: Greeks of the Diaspora) 

Oi Voskoi tis Symforas

The Greek Film Archive in collaboration with the French Institute organises a tribute of the entire work of Nikos Papatakis, three years after his death.

January 2014:  Screening the crisis
(Circle: Actuality and the Avant-garde) 
The depiction of the world crisis seen from the eyes of film-makers. The tribute will be framed by a one-day conference.  The films and the collaborators will be announced shortly. 

March 2014: Jean-Luc Godard: A revolutionary auteur 
(Circle: Actuality and the Avant-garde) 

Jean-Luc Godard

Full retrospective of the cinematic oeuvre of the revolutionary French auteur Jean-Luc Godard. In collaboration with the French Institute. 

May 2014:  Crisis and Temporality
(Circle: Actuality and the Avant-garde) 
A attempt to approach philosophically the crisis as a social concept, seen through the concept of time. 

June 2014: Documentary and Animation (Creative Documentary) 
(Summer Cinema “Lais)
The tribute is concerned with the exploration of a fairly new and controversial genre, the animated documentary, a hybrid of animation and documentation. In this context the American animator Caroline Leaf, candidate for several awards-from Oscars to Bafta- will teach in a three-day workshop, titled Sand and Scratch, a famous technique that she developed throughout her long lasting career. In collaboration with Exile Room.  

October 2014: 8th Athens Avant-garde Film Festival 
The already well established rendezvous with the Athenian audience in its 8th edition. More details on the program and the collaborators will be shortly announced.
  Costas Gavras
  Panagiotis Kiriakoulakos
  Venia Vergou
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  Greek Film Archive
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  Goethe Institut
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  Ministry of Culture and Sports
  ROP Attica, 2007-2013
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