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Feature Film Competition at Sarajevo IFF 2013
18 July 2013
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The Competition Programme of Sarajevo Film Festival, 16-24 August 2013,  in all its sections (Feature, Short and Documentary film) will this year present a total number of 50 films. This overview brings the best of regional cinema and according to Sarajevo Film Festival strategy is discovering new talents, approaches and tendencies which are rooted in world cinema of today.

Sarajevo Film Festival announced the programme proud of the fact that this year they had a great and record interest from regional producers and authors in their wish to pormote films at Sarajevo Film Festival.

For the final line-up of Competition Programme selectors and Sarajevo Film Festival team have seen 750 films from the region, including 200 feature films, 150 documentaries and 400 short and animated films.

This year΄s selection, but also general interest for the Competition sections, encourages Sarajevo Film Festival in future determination in strenghtening of regional film production, promotion and film distribution. This is even more emphasized by the fact that the festival this year in its three Competition sections brings 15 world, 7 international and 18 regional premieres.

Competition Programme - Feature Film

World Premieres

Romania, 2013, Colour, 88 min.
Director: Doru Nițescu
Screenplay: Tudor Voican, Doru Nițescu

Greece, 2013, Black&White, 80 min.
Director and screenplay: Dimitris Bavellas

Austria, 2013, Colour, 75 min.
Director: Katharina Mückstein
Screenplay: Selina Gnos, Katharina Mückstein

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, 2013, Colour, 80 min.
Director and screenplay: Faruk Lončarević 

Romania, 2013, Colour, 77 min.
Director and screenplay: Bogdan Mustață

Regional Premieres

In Bloom / Grzeli Nateli Dgeebi
Georgia, 2013, Colour, 102 min.
Director: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß
Screenplay: Nana Ekvtimishvili

Soldate Jeannette 
Austria, 2013, Colour, 79 min.
Director and screenplay: Daniel Hoesl

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013, Colour, 87 min.
Director and screenplay: Bobo Jelčić

Romania, 2013, Colour, 93 min.
Director and screenplay: Corneliu Porumboiu

Press Release
More information can be found here
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