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altcineAction! Awards 2013
20 August 2013
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On Thursday 3 of October, after a very interesting 40-day duration, the film journey of the 2nd Online Short Film Festival for Balkan Filmmakers, altcineAction!, has come to its end! The festival, which is organized by, was held, this year too, with great success. The closing ceremony took place at the Film Archive of Greece, in the presence of many great people. Young and older directors, professionals, representatives from the film industry, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Embassies of the Balkan countries in Greece, attended the ceremony and celebrated with us.

The ceremony opened with the official honorary premier of Asimina΄s Proedrou movie Red Hulk, that won many awards including the First Award at Drama Short Film Festival this year and the First Award at the International Film Festival Opening Nights. 
Asimina was the winner of the 1st Prise AltcineAction!2012 with the film Facets of Loneliness. Her new movie, Red Hulk is actually the result of the prizes won at altcineAction! 2012.

46 films have finally entered this year’s competition and filled the 360minutes.
26 from Greece,  3 from Bulgaria, 3 from Albania, 3 from Croatia, 3 from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,  2 from Turkey, 2 from Romania, 2 from Serbia, 1 from Cyprus and 1 from Slovenia.

The Prizes are divided in two parts. The first is about registration and tuition to the BA Film & TV Directing program (3 years, 2 years and 1 year of tuition fees respectively to the first three winners), courtesy of the New York COLLEGE. 
The second part of the prizes is consisted of services for the production of the winner΄s next movie. Sponsors for this part are the companies Arktos A.E., which offers all the necessary equipment for the shooting, Accelere and VideoPress, that provide color correction and DPC, and studios DNA LAB and Kostas Barivoviotis with sound design and final sound mix. What΄s more, the company Melancholy Star in London offers its service in special effects and in the storyboarding. In a few words, everything that our directors need to fulfill their next step! 

According to the public voting, the First Prize went to the film Under Stress, by Paris Patsouridis. A film "for a generation striving to prove that deserves a lot more than what it gets". 

The second prize went to the film A Hard Working Robber by Michael Felanis. The film "shows the impact of the economic crisis on a robber who has to work in order to get some money instead of stealing."

Haris Gioulatos won the third prize for his film Butterfly.  The film depicts how "in the time of economical crisis, two men, two opposite sides of the same coin, flipping in an internal gambling of survival".

The altcine Award, renamed to Alida Dimitriou Award in memory of this Great Lady who was committed to short films and social issues, but unfortunately left us recently. The award went to the Romanian film The Pill of Happiness by Cecilia Felmeri and was handed by the honorary jury member, Alida Dimitriou΄s husband, Sotiris Dimitriou, and by Sakis Bouzanis, representative of the post-production company 2|35, which is the exclusive sponsor of the award and offers the whole post-production process  for the winner΄s next film.

This year, for the first time, we had two special prizes!

The Best Photography Award was given to Kiril Prodanov for the film The Bed. The award was received by Ms Mariana Petrova, from the Embassy of Bulgaria, and the prize consisted of the software Tiffen Dfx, courtesy of MC Manios.
The jury was consisted of Argyris Theos and Kostas Stamoulis, members of the Greek Society of Cinematographers (GSC) and Predrag Bambic, the president of the Serbian Society of Cinematographers.

The Best Editing Award went to Ioanna Spiliopoulou for the film Cutdamn!.
The members of the jury were the editors: Yorgos Mavropsaridis (Gr), Aleksandra Milovanovic (SR) and Ilir Butka (AL). This award΄s prize was the software package AVID Media Composer 7, courtesy of Avid/Telmaco S.A.
What΄s more, the Best Critic Award, that became kind of an institution from last year, offered a very big prize! Thanks to our major partner, Divan Film Festival, the Best Critic will travel next August to Romania in order to participate in the festival’s symposium about the Balkan cinema. There, the critic will present a selection from this year΄s altcineAction! films. This year΄s committee chairman for the Best Judge was the Romanian Academic and Artistic Director of the Divan Film Festival, Marian Tutui, and the members were the Greek Academic and Theorist Lydia Papadimitriou, and Ana Grgic, a researcher from Croatia. The committee decided that this year΄s Best Critic was Abbie Saunders from England.

With the closing ceremony the Festival came to an end and the audience had the chance to meet with new people, discuss about the winning films and taste fine Greek wine!

But, still, you can watch the movies online at the site of the festival, and visit us frequently for updates until the announcement of altcineAction! 2014.

26 August 2013
Haven΄t you heard it yet? We΄re very proud to announce the second edition of altcine΄s Online Short Film Festival altcineAction! the festival that offers young directors from the Balkans the opportunity to meet and compete each other on the biggest Internet meeting point. 

AltcineAction! has already become an institution. In 2012 it attracted 48 films from 8 countries, 3.500 critics and 2.900 registered users, while it offered big prizes sponsored by top firms in the audiovisual sector.  

Submissions open on Monday, August 26th and are limited to 360 minutes.

It is so simple! Just finish your films add English subtitles and win amazing prizes! Remember films must be under 15 minutes, and they will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until a total of 360 minutes of film has been submitted. 

Prizes range from full-tuition for a three-year filmmaking degree to post-production softwares and all you need for your next production! Don΄t forget: your next film will be produced by our sponsors. 
altcineAction! could open the door to your first co-production. Services are available to all Balkan filmmakers. 

Are you not a filmmaker or a Balkan? That doesn΄t mean you can΄t be part of altcineAction! Visit the festival΄s website watch the selected films and vote for your favorite one! In this festival you are the jury deciding on the winning films! And there΄s more! A panel of experts will judge the judges and award a prize to the best overall critic. So prepare your critical spirit and compete for the Best Critic Award!

What are you waiting for? Create! Provoke! Collaborate! Participate in this big Festival about Balkan Cinema!

Visit  and altcineAction! on Facebook for full details and rules. 

  The Bed
  The Pill of Happiness
  A Hard Working Robber
  Under Stress
  Argyris Theos
  Ioanna Spiliopoulou
  Dimitris Stamoulis
  Yorgos Mavropsaridis
  Aleksandra Milovanovic
  Marian Tutui
  Ilir Butka
  Haris Gioulatos
  Predrag Bambic
  Lydia Papadimitriou
  Ana Grgic
  Michael Felanis
  Petra Georgieva
  Cecilia Felmeri
  Paris Patsouridis
  Bill Kalamakis
  Tirana International Film Festival
  Arctos S.A.
  DNA Lab Studios
  Two Thirtyfive (2|35) S.A
  Divan Film Festival
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