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It`s not me!
9 August 2011
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Film: The Guide (2010)
Long time before shooting, in 2004, when working on my thesis for the Architecture Faculty I got hooked up on Marinella, a Greek singer/diva/gay icon. She has been something like the Greek Dalida. At that point I would think that if Almodovar were Greek, he would definitely use her songs in his movies. They have all the necessary ingredients: melodramatic lyrics, a surreal orchestration, a camp general feeling and of course, a stunning performance by a authentic diva.

Some years later, when “The guide” was still a vague idea in my mind, my sister, Martha Mavroidi, along with 8 other female singers formed a vocal group named Sanades. They would do choir versions of a big variety of songs. The group still exists, but a bit smaller. The sound of the group was astonishing.

Some time later, now with “The guide” on its first draft, I focused on one of Marinella’s songs titled “It’s not me”. It’s a very melodramatic song, with ambiguous lyrics. The woman sings to someone (her lover?) who came in her life like a pirate. She then goes on to tell him not to be scared, she’s not blaming him for anything. There is someone else shouting at him, but that’s not her. The way I understood the lyrics, the woman is not talking to a person but to her own self, to a passionate love that she is scared to engage in. As soon as I interpreted this song as an internal dialogue, I immediately pictured it as part of the movie, sang by Sanades.

In the script, there was a night scene where Iasonas would wonder around the city. In this walk, I decided he would come across this woman’s choir. The scene was written, shot and edited in my mind, being sure of how much the song should overlap the following scenes. However, I had forgotten to add it to the script.
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30 August 2011
It`s not me!
9 August 2011
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