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Last Shootings - A dream come true
30 August 2011
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Film: The Guide (2010)
Now going to the shooting, there was this funny moment when both Effie and Evdokia, the costume designer and the assistant director correspondingly, realized that we had a choir scene to shoot. Effie was thrilled to have a new task which would be a delight for every costume designer: to dress up a female choir. Evdokia on the other hand was a bit worried but everything turned out well. Though I hadn’t informed her in time, I had made the arrangements with the choir.

The shooting of this undocumented scene took place during a frozen night in Kongia Square, one of my favorites squares of Athens. By that time everyone in the crew had started to see the end of the shootings approaching, with all the mixed feelings this brings. Though we still had some scenes to shoot, it was clear we were way past the half of shooting. So, we were shooting outdoors after a long time of interior shootings and everyone enjoyed the plentitude of space. It was a quiet night and the girls’ singing gave it all a mystical feeling.

Seeing this idea being realized was for me one of the most touching moments during shooting. An idea that combined many things I appreciated, Marinella, this particular song, Sanades, Kongia Square, all adding up in the most beautiful way to the plot of the film. And watching the result, this is one of my favorite sequences in the film.

After a few more frozen shootings we run out of scenes to shoot. On the roof top of Bios, one of the most hip places of the Athenian scene, we had our last shooting which by a nice coincidence, was also the last scene of the script. The shooting was over. What? Well yes, it was over. Ok, we had some extra shots to shoot, with no actors involved but basically it was over.

One week later we did the wrap party which coincided with my birthday. That party had an unfortunate turnout. It involved a drunk crew member on top of the bar, singing “It’s not me” and then falling behind the bar. The accident looked very scary at the moment but, luckily, it was not very serious.
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Last Shootings - A dream come true
30 August 2011
It`s not me!
9 August 2011
  The Guide
  Zacharias Mavroeidis
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