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Production Notes
3 October 2011
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Film: Silent Sonata (2010)
The production crew included members from at least 18 countries – Slovenia, Ireland,
Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, France, Czech
Republic, Serbia, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, China, and
The director gave shooting instructions in Slovenian, English, Serbo-Croat, Czech and
Polish language.
There were nine chapters in the basic script: Fear, Fire, Life, Air, Love, Water, Death,
Earth and God. All of the forecasts from the script actually happened to the crew during
the shooting and in postproduction.
The film was shot in 35 shooting days in Slovenia and Ireland.
The film was shot with Hawk anamorphic lenses.
Seven years passed between the first version of the script and the premiere of the film.
The film is the first official Slovene-Irish-Swedish-Finnish co-production.
The ageing – the make-up of the actor Rene Bazinet took at least 6 hours before each
shooting day.
The house on the set was built in three weeks and pulled down after the shooting.
The weather was not favourable during the shooting – there was a fire on the set, hurricane-
like winds several times, there was a flooding of the set as well as a flood of
seaweed which completely covered the beach where the last shooting day took place.
The main actress Pauliina Räsänen got pregnant during the shooting and is now a proud
parent of the daughter Saage together with the actor Viatcheslav Volkov.
“If smoking cigarettes were an Olympic discipline, Slovenes would win all gold medals,”
was what the Irish producer Morgan Bushe said on his visit of the set.
There were 7 cars damaged or destroyed during the shooting due to the shooting location
which was very difficult to reach.
The shooting location became a popular destination for the people living in the vicinity.
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  Production Diary  
Production Notes
3 October 2011
  Silent Sonata
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