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The Edge of Heaven (2007)
Auf der anderen Seite (original title)
Fiction, 122 min
Production countries   Germany,Turkey
Languages   German,Turkish,English
Director   Fatih Akin
Scriptwriter   Fatih Akin
Producer   Fatih Akin
Plot keywords    
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Retired widower Ali sees a solution to loneliness when he meets prostitute Yeter. Ali proposes to the fellow Turkish native to live with him in exchange for a monthly stipend.
Ali’s bookish son Nejat seems disapproving about his bully father’s choice. But the young German professor quickly grows fond of kind Yeter, especially upon discovering most of her hard-earned money is sent home to Turkey for her daughter’s university studies.
The accidental death of Yeter distances father and son even more, emotionally and physically. Nejat travels to Istanbul to begin an organized search for Yeter’s daughter Ayten. He decides to stay in Turkey and trades places with the owner of a German bookstore who goes home to Germany. What Nejat doesn’t know is that 20-something political activist Ayten is already in Germany, having fled the Turkish police.
Alone and penniless, Ayten is befriended by German student Lotte, who is immediately seduced by the young Turkish woman’s charms and political situation. Lotte invites rebellious Ayten to stay in her home, a gesture not particularly pleasing to her conservative mother Susanne. Ayten ends up arrested and confined for months while awaiting political asylum. When her plea is denied, Ayten is deported and imprisoned in Turkey.
Passionate Lotte decides to abandon everything to help Ayten. 
In Turkey, Lotte gets caught up in the frustrating bureaucracy of the seemingly hopeless situation of freeing Ayten. A chance bookstore meeting will lead her to becoming Nejat’s roommate. A tragic event will bring Susanne to Istanbul to help fulfill her daughter’s mission. Emotional moments spent with Susanne will inspire Nejat to seek out his estranged father, now residing on Turkey’s Black Sea coast.
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Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital EX
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Production format   35mm
Distribution format   35mm
  Production Diary  
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13 February 2012
About Turkey and Germany
13 February 2012
Fatih Akin talks about the actors
13 February 2012
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