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Archeo (2011)
Arheo (original title)
Fiction, 80 min
Production country   Slovenia
Language   Slovene
Director   Jan Cvitkovic
Scriptwriter   Jan Cvitkovic
Producer   Jozko Rutar
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Man, Woman and Boy. Three individuals in a timeless landscape. They do not know each other, their cultural background is indefinite. They try to survive individually. However, every so often their paths cross and gradually they establish contact, although initially utterly mistrusting and occasionally hostile. A little at a time, through various situations, they start developing relationships. Arche-man, arche-woman and arche-boy eventually get rid of fear,hostility, insecurity and join in an archecommunity we call family. An arche-film about an arche-family.

Photos: Mitja Ličen
Director's concept
Film is today for the most part simply a derivate of literature. In other words – authors (of so-termed artistic film as well) most often use motion pictures merely as visual support for various literary types. I myself pushed through this phase and ultimately found that film has more to offer.
The product of this realization is the concept for the feature film ARCHEO.
I realized already while making my most recent feature film ‘Gravehopping’ that rational thinking actually prevents one from discovering the essence of a film. Building a story in advance, that is writing the screenplay in the classical sense of the term, is actually only the rational production of some sort of construct, which most people tend to need so as to attain a feeling of security. And the need for a sense of security is aroused in response to thousands of years of development; it is practically rooted into the genetic makeup of modern mankind. Its predictable nature ensures various forms of comfort, and in extreme cases even pure delight or catharsis. 
There is nothing wrong with this of course, only that I myself have grown weary of this and am no longer intrigued by it. What does intrigue me, however, is the destruction of the wall dividing the conscious and unconscious mind. The breakthrough beyond the threshold of consciousness. It is proven that the human subconscious preserves everything it has ever experienced. Some believe (as do I) that the entire experience of everything is preserved in the unconscious mind, and that thus the unconscious is in some manner an expression of the universe. It follows that the subconscious thus represents a potential link to the essence of it all, or with God. And it is precisely this sense of being near to the essence that intrigues me in art.
Hence I began to build a film in a different way. It will be composed of seemingly entirely disconnected scenes, which then link together. A Man and a Woman will appear in these scenes, and occasionally also a Boy (not theirs). All scenes are based on impressions from my subconscious. Sometimes, under certain conditions (when drowsy, hypnotized, almost in rapture while traveling by airplane, train, etc.), a scene – one of great internal power - appears before my eyes. Sometimes I write it down on a piece of paper, or I enter it into my cell phone, somewhere, anywhere. Sometimes I forget it.
What all of these scenes have in common is that they are exceptionally elementary. This means that they have been cleansed of all unnecessary rational amassment. The scenes do not exist with any particular underlying reasoning, or moral message or anything of the sort. Rather, they just are. They are as they are and they are beset with an exceptionally potent atmosphere. When I speak of atmosphere, I am actually referring to emotive energy. So, I am waiting for the scenes. And I intend to wait for them all and write them all down all to the very onset of the makings of the film. 
Experience has taught me – including that from my most recent film, which was in part also made this way – the scenes will ultimately tie together into an intelligent whole. 
Making this film will also set me to trial on my travel to the essence of the medium of film and the termination of traditional attachment of film to literary and other earlier forms and branches of art.

I believe this is the only way I can indeed make a real, pure film.

Jan Cvitkovic
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
Official web site
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