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Beyond the Hills (2012)
Dupa Dealuri (original title)
Fiction, 150 min
Production countries   Romania,France,Belgium
Language   Romanian
Director   Cristian Mungiu
Scriptwriter   Cristian Mungiu
Producer   Cristian Mungiu
Plot keywords    
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Alina returns to Romania after years in Germany. She reunites with Voichita, a friend that she has known for years since their childhood in the same orphanage. Voichita now lives in a monastery. Alina wants to leave and go back to Germany, and wants Voichita to go with her. But Voichita is deeply taken by convent life. When Alina challenges the priest, she is taken to a hospital and suspected of being possessed. 
The film is inspired by the writings of Tatiana Niculescu Bran.

Awards and Nominations

Best Actress Award at Cannes 2012
Best Screenplay at Cannes 2012
Romanian Submission for the 85th Academy Awards
Fischer Audience Award at the 53th Thessaloniki IFF

Director's Note
Beyond the Hills is for me primarily a film about love and free will: mostly about how love can turn the concepts of good and evil into very relative ones. Most of the greatest mistakes of this world have been made in the name of faith, and with the absolute conviction they were done for a good cause. 
Beyond the Hills also speaks about a certain way of experiencing religion. It has always concerned me how much attention believers place on respecting religious habits and rules and how little on applying the essence and wisdom of Christianity to their day to- day life, for example. 
Preparing for the film I read carefully the list of sins compiled by the Orthodox Church. There are quite a lot (464) and reading them, you cannot but ask yourself all kind of questions. Still, there is a sin that is not listed and which is amongst the most important things about which the film wishes to speak: the sin of indifference. Or maybe it is not a sin, since it’s not listed. But then what is it? Is it dangerous or not? 
The film also speaks about the various ways in which Evil can manipulate people, and the subtle ways in which it can manifest itself. I wonder whether indifference is not one of them. Deep down, I hope, Beyond the Hills speaks about options and choices in life deriving from education or from the lack of education, and about how many things in life derive from things that you cannot influence, or of which you are not guilty: where you were brought into the world, by whom, and in the middle of which community. 
The film also speaks about a region of the world - like many others - where longtime exposure to an endless succession of misfortunes and atrocities of all kinds has led to a breed of inert people who have lost their normal reactions in front of normal stimuli. This is not necessarily their fault - it is just a natural survival mechanism, but one which is experienced as an extra burden for those still alive amongst them.
Cristian Mungiu, 2012
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   2.35:1
Production country
53th Thessaloniki IFF
Cannes Film Festival 2012
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