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Death Of A Man In Balkans (2012)
Smrt coveka na Balkanu (original title)
Fiction, 80 min
Production country   Serbia
Language   Serbian
Director   Miroslav Momcilovic
Scriptwriter   Miroslav Momcilovic
Producer   Miroslav Momcilovic
Plot keywords    
Comedy, drama
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A lonely composer commits suicide in front of his computer web camera.
The whole "big" event,as one of the neighbors calls death of his neighbor, starts when Aca enters the decedent apartment after he heard the gun shot. He reveals the dead neighbor lying on the floor and became "the first witness". Therefore, he stays in the apartment to wait for the police but, as the time goes by, many other neighbors start to interfere.
Whole time recorded by a webcam, which they are not aware of. While waiting and to shorten the time, they drink, eat and play chess. Evoke memories of him, pity him, praise his music even though they can not remember his name.
Since the traffic jam prolongs police arrival, they witness many unusual "comers" including the undertaker, the real estate agent along with the apartment buyer, pizza delivery guy and medical officials.
In the thrilling and effective dialogue they welcome police and forensic officers who reveal thefact of working web camera. From that moment until the end of the "small gathering" the situation and relations between surprised randomly assembled group became different under the pressure of camera and need to justify previous statements and actions as well as a broader, satirical picture of our society.
Director's Note
This project builds on a tradition of successful films that have rested on the unity of: time, place and action, but due to commercial content, which enables communication with the audience, this film is also a big step forward into a new, authentic form. In this movie all takes place in an apartment in one day. In one shot. The whole story was taken from the perspective of a web camera. During the film, cinema time and real life time are a match - last 80 minutes. As an author, I was interested in events after someone΄s suicide. Since each section in the film language marks a passage of time, I recorded this story in one take in order to make an image of hyper realistic environment of time and place I live in.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production format   HDCAM
Production country
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