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Of Snails and Men (2012)
Despre Oameni si Melci (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production country   Romania
Language   Romanian
Director   Tudor Giurgiu
Scriptwriter   Ionut Teianu
Producer   Tudor Giurgiu
Plot keywords    
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Of Snails and Men is inspired by true events and tells the story of the workers from a Romanian factory that want to donate sperm in order to obtain funds to save their factory from being privatized.
Director's Statement
Story is about utopist people living in a very pragmatic and cynical world.About a common man who faces a big change: fall of communism makes his domestic universe shaky, the way in which he was living his entire life is now endangered. It is based on a real story as in Nov 6 2002, Reuters published an incredible news report: the workers from ARO were proposing to donate their sperm as to obtain funds for saving their factory as not to be privatized. One of the workers mentioned this as a unique solution that might sound crazy, but it will work for sure for the benefit of all workers. I like how the story is dealing with the consequences of fall of communism.It is not the same positive tone or idyllic story background; common people in Romania had to learn how to administrate their liberty and how to accept that their political and economical system was changing. But it’s also a story about the clash of two different societies (French and Romanian) who do confront their clichés. Heroes from both sides are provincial ones, people with big aspirations and dreams, people who do live a simple, normal life. They do not have sophisticated cultural references but they speak about Alain Barriere or Julio Iglesias.I’m aiming for a comedy but also a very “realist” film. Major challenge would be to recreate the beginning of 90’s in Romania, the so-called “transition period”. I was a student in that time in Bucharest which was a fascinating place to be: total chaos all around, no rules, whole economy had to be reinvented, ex-pats were appointed to all big multinationals coming to Romania. Big outdoors Coca Cola panels covering the grey walls of communist block of flats.It will be essential to capture the irony and comic situation from the script so we need to look for good actors. I’m also thinking of maybe looking for some non-professional actors for a couple of secondary parts. Both Ionut and me are big fans of early Miloš Forman works so we often talk about LOVES OF A BLONDE when trying to picture the look of the people working in our car factory.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production country
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» Union of Romanian Filmmakers awards winners for 2012
» 17th Sofia International Film Festival 2013: Balkan Competition
» 17th Sofia International Film Festival
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