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Forever (2014)
Για Πάντα (original title)
Gia Panta (title with latin characters)
Fiction, 87 min
Production country   Greece
Language   Greek
Director   Margarita Manda
Scriptwriter   Margarita Manda
Producer   Konstantinos Kontovrakis
Plot keywords    
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Two people, alone in a desolate city. Costas and Anna in Athens. 
Costas is an engine driver. The trains he drives travel from one end of the city to the other, following the traces of the ancient rivers that were paved over and made into roads. Anna sells ferry boat tickets at Piraeus, the city’s main harbour, the place where the rivers once flowed into the sea. 
Costas knows Anna. He sees her every morning, waiting on the platform for his train to take her from Thiseion to Piraeus; and he sees her every afternoon, when his train takes her from Piraeus back to Thiseion. 
Anna doesn’t know Costas. From the window of the train car she looks out at the same desolate city every day, without knowing who’s driving the train. 
Every day, Costas and Anna do the same thing, in the same way, at the same pace. They go to work, they finish their work, they go home, and they have dinner in front of the TV. 
When something happens to turn Costas’s life upside down, he decides to reach out from inside his solitude and talk to Anna. 
At first hesitantly but then more tenaciously, Costas will fight for his right to live and love. 
At first guardedly but then more decisively, Anna will shed her loneliness and surrender to her need for ever-lasting love. 
These two people will meet in the desolate city of Athens, on the dawn of a bright new day.

Forever was awarded at Cairo International Film Festival 2014

Director's Statement
ForEver unfolds and takes place entirely in the devastated Athens of the economic and political crisis of 2012. A city whose inhabitants neither look, see, nor love any more. In this dark setting I have very consciously chosen utopia and the dream… Costas and Anna will try desperately to love each other. And they will succeed because when people begin to love each other once again, the hope of a new world will be resurrected. The film will have a very particular visual form: a monochromatic, almost black-and-white look that will gradually turn into color at the end, when the beginning of hope has been achieved. Similarly, the film will not have a musical score but just a complex soundscape consisting of the objective and subjective sounds of the city. This poetic approach will be served also by the filming of the actors on locations, using a perspective with which the characters will appear as if “embodied” in the urban landscape where they move. The internal rhythms of the shots will be languid and time will flow in the subjective way that the heroes sense it. Their faces, their gazes, their silences will register in those time spans that allow the audience to “converse” internally with them. The question of the dual man-city relationship is something that I also dealt with in my first feature, Gold Dust. ForEver is a continuation of it. Different style, different stories but similar regarding the essence of a search for Time and Memory with the aim of gaining a life more humane. And, most of all, similar regarding the need to love. To be able to love again.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Distribution format   DCP
Production country
Forever Diary Part 3 (in Greek)
Forever Diary Part 2 (in Greek)
Forever Diary Part 1 (in Greek)
Best Director at Cairo International Film Festival 2014
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