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A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant (2012)
Συγχαρητήρια στους αισιόδοξους; (original title)
Sygharitiria stous esiodoxous? (title with latin characters)
Fiction, 80 min
Production country   Greece
Language   Greek
Director   Constantina Voulgari
Scriptwriter   Constantina Voulgari
Producer   Eleni Afentaki
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Electra is 32 years old and lives in Athens, in the era of economic crisis. As the face of city life changes forever, Electra experiences her own crisis. Confused about her career, love-life and worldview, we see her meeting some of the most important persons in her life.
Through those meetings we feel her agony, her fears, her inner contradictions as she realizes her dark destiny. In love with a political hostage, with studies in London of no use, with parents from the generation of the events of Polytechnic in 1973 who still wait for the left parliament parties to merge, the film Congratulations to the Optimists? is a personal, subjective recording of today's reality, with humor, anger, love, and much small talk about food.
Director''s Statement
I wish to produce the portrait of a woman living in Athens in the current period, through five ordinary but important "moments". To show the everyday problems she faces, the agony on how she could continue living her own life, independent, the agony of reconciliation with her contradictions. Alongside with Electra, I wish to create the portraits of some people who exist around Electra and are fundamental protagonists in her life. Through  their relationship, we get to know who she really is. These are:
Ideological anarchist with a clear view of how the world must change. He sacrifices his freedom for his beliefs. I wish to show his heroism, his despair, his sensitivity and his extreme ideology and political views, which drive him in the road of illegality.
A child that grows up without parents, in a wealthy house, a kid that “has everything” except for the most important, his mother, and tries to understand what is happening around him, in a country where everything is changing forever.
Martha and Pavlos
The intellectual parents of Electra, the generation of  Polytechnic, the lefties that want to still have an active role in present things, who raised their child with political values and morals that make life more difficult to handle. 
A middle-aged, disappointed lefty, who turned out to be a cynical and pragmatist, who has stopped dreaming big 
A community of people in the center of the city, who despite the harsh times stay solid and stick to each other. People who offer time and energy to create on their own a self-organized park. To paint the benches, to plant three trees, to make their neighborhood more humane.

The dialogues in the script are currently being worked with the cast as well as the whole psycho-synthesis of each character. It is not a movie based on great events but on the details, on movement, on looks, on acting, on the way the actors play the roles, there lies the wager. I wish it to be a humorous and self-sarcastic film. 
I wanted its aesthetics to be relatively realistic, strict, the camera not to focus always on the faces, the direction to be “unseen”. I don`t want to use the camera  or the music in order to blackmail an emotion, an agony, a joke.
I want the  big pauses, the silences, the stares in the blank, the reddenings, the hand taping the table nervously, the arching of Electra when she is shy, these that cannot be spoken eventually... these create the emotion. The silences and the pauses are very important for me, cause there exist the answers in most things, much more than they do in words.
If I manage to move my audience, by a scene with two persons on bench, in a park where there are souvlaki-restaurants and traditional cafes, where people talk about there everyday life, and between all these they chat about, cooking recipes, anarchy, children, love... with eyes that avoid to stare clearly on each other, with deafening silences... If I manage to show the intensity in every so simple and everyday moment, then, for me, the film will be a success-story. 
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production country
» Contemporary Greek Cinema in Brussels
» The 20th DelphiBank Greek Film Festival in Australia, 31 October - 14 December 2013
» Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 6-9 June 2013
» Balkan Films at the Crossing Europe Festival of Austria
» Greek films at Thessaloniki International Film Festival
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