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Mission London (2010)
Mission London (original title)
Fiction, 107 min
Production countries   Bulgaria,United Kingdom,Hungary,Sweden,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Languages   English,Bulgarian,Russian,Serbian
Director   Dimitar Mitovski
Scriptwriters   Alek Popov, Delyana Maneva
Producer   Dimitar Mitovski
Plot keywords    
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When Varadin, the Bulgarian ambassador, arrives at his new posting in London - a few days earlier than expected - he finds the embassy in disarray. Not only are there signs of all-night partying, but the staff have done nothing to progress a planned concert to celebrate Bulgaria’s accession into the EU. Under pressure from Madame Selianova, the President’s wife – a patron of the event, Varadin’s political standing rests on him ensuring the Queen attends the concert. With the event fast approaching, Varadin is increasingly desperate to secure the Queen and seeks help from PR firm “Famous Connections”, unaware that they provide celebrity look-alikes – as opposed to the real thing – for the fulfilment of their clients’ sexual fantasies. He discovers the truth only a day before the concert… and Madame Selianova is already on her way to London. At the same time, unknown to Varadin, the embassy cook, Banicharov is helping an ex-Soviet criminal and unsuccessful Bulgarian actor store a dozen stolen ducks in the embassy freezers, snatched from Richmond Park as part of a scam to sell them on to a Chinese restaurant. What they don’t know is that the ducks have GPS chips planted in them and Scotland Yard are hot on their tracks. To make his life more complicated, Varadin starts to fancy the gorgeous student Katia - a cleaner in the embassy by day and stripper by night. Her amazing resemblance to the late Princess Diana takes her career in an unexpected direction, as she is offered a job at the secretive PR agency “Famous Connections” as a Princess of Wales look-alike. But Varadin has no clue as to Katya’s work beyond the embassy walls. As the tension and the pace build towards the concert - where a strange mix of Bulgarian folk-dancers and artists are to perform in front of the Queen – Banicharov must somehow get rid of the ducks as the police close in, Varadin must decide whether or not to go along with the deceiving theatrics of the PR agency, and Katia must make a choice between her new found career and her true calling in life. Will they manage to find a way out, or it will all turn into a huge scandal?
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Aspect ratio   2.35:1
Production format   35mm
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
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Mission London
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