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Yozgat Blues (2013)
Yozgat Blues (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries   Turkey,Germany
Language   Turkish
Director   Mahmut Fazil Coskun
Scriptwriter   Tarik Tufan
Producer   Halil Kardas
Plot keywords    
Comedy, drama
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Yavuz (55) and Neşe (32) are couple who sing pop songs of the 70’s in seaside resorts during summer and in different towns of Anatolia during the winter. They have been working together for fourteen years in boredom and mediocrity. This winter, Yavuz and Neşe come to Yozgat which is a small town in the middle of Anatolia. In their first days of arrival, they meet with Sabri (30) who is a barber foreman. Sabri has been a barber for twenty years and he doesn’t have anyone in his life except for his grandmother. Sabri has two goals in his life: to get married and to open up a barbershop of his own.Sabri starts to do Yavuz and Neşe’s hair and after awhile, he becomes their hairdresser and guide in town.
Yavuz is a man of principles who is very neat, strict and reticent. In contrast with Sabri, who rakes up the life of others with all his naivety. Neşe gets drawn to Sabri causing jealousy on the part of Yavuz after long years. Yavuz is anxious, feeling he might be losing Neşe. For Sabri, Neşe is like a whole new world outside the mediocrity of provincial life.Thinking that Yavuz is the main obstacle between him and Neşe, Sabri gets into a strange state of mind concerning Yavuz. 
It is now time for a decision for Neşe. Will she decide on to stay with Yavuz despite of all his distant manners; or will she choose Sabri who is trying to give his support for her small dreams, although she had just met him.
Which side would become dominant when a woman meets with two different men who touch upon different facets of her soul?
Along with this, Yozgat Blues tells the story of feelings which become grand in the world of small people; the difficult situations people stuck into when they play music inconsistent with a small town’s taste; and people’s struggle to hang on to life.
Director's Statement
The new province which I believe hasn’t been explored profoundly in Turkish cinema yet is actually a reflection of a cultural and sociological image present in the big cities which is called slum. Province couldn’t generate an authentic language for its own cultural life, instead became a cheap copy of what it sees in the cities. 
Yozgat is a town which has these basic features. I chose Yozgat as the location of the film which represents the very nature of province. 
What kind of situations occur when people from a different culture and perception encounters with such a city’s life? 
One of the main characters of the film is a barber living in Yozgat. He’s a typical habitant of the city who’s goal to get married to a local girl and get settled. 
The other two characters in the film are a man and a woman singers singing popular songs of 1970’s who came to the province. This would give the opportunity to tell the story over different, urbanite characters and convey comparative stories.
The realistic style that will be employed in YOZGAT BLUES is the necessity of its story. Especially details from the everyday life of the city and its inhabitants will be important elements to build up this style.
That is why a long period of field research and dramaturgy study will be required to capture those details. 
The camera style will be in accordance with the overall realism of the style the narrative employs. It will provide the opportunity of watching the film from the third person’s point of view. This camera style will also give the opportunity to convey the story in a plain and simple mood freed from the constraints of vanity. 
My aim is first to conceive the matter from such a perspective, and then to convey it in accordance.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production country
» Balkan films in 17th edition of Motovun film festival
» 19th London Turkish Film Festival 22May - 1June
» The 18th Sofia IFF Awards Ceremony
» The 18th Sofia International Film Festival is on
» San Sebastian Film Festival 2013
» Winners of the 32nd Istanbul International Film Festival 2013
» 32nd Istanbul International Film Festival 2013
» Eurimages Fund supports 7 Balkan film projects -2012
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