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The Enemy Within (2012)
Ο Εχθρός μου (original title)
Fiction, 107 min
Production country   Greece
Language   Greek
Director   Yorgos Tsemberopoulos
Scriptwriter   Yannis Tsiros
Producer   Eleni Kossyfidou
Plot keywords    
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The 48 year old Kostas Stasinos, owner of an agricultural shop, lives an ordinary life with his wife Rania, their 17 year old son Andreas and their 14 year old daughter Louisa.
Progressive and rigidbly idealist since his student years, he instills his values to his children.
The looting of his house by a gang will upset the family`s peace.Does the family have the power to heal the wounds and turn page?
Director's Note
When you become a father, you try to be careful and responsible. As your children understand the world, you become their protector and teacher. With your choices you create a steady and protected enviroment, with your actions you guide them to have values and confidence, to become civilised people.

When Kostas Stasinos was at his twenties he sudied agriculture to change the economy of his country. At his thirties he bacame the father of a little boy and he open an agricultural shop. Near forty years old, he had a daughter and bought a house with loan.
Now, at his fifties he is crowling in the floor, tied up, with a gag in his mouth, unable to protect his family from the extreme violence of four masked intruders.

All my films are about Athens and its people. But ten years ago we were living in paradise. Now that everything has changed and life here is a constant struggle, i feel that i am no longer allowed to beautify. The film is as cruel as our times. Even though the story has action, it is not an action movie. The faces, the eyes and the silence of the characters indicate the nostalgia for the lost ballance and humanity.     
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Production country
» 12th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival - 2015
» Delphi Bank 21st Greek Film Festival, 14/10 - 2/11
» Filmfest Hamburg 2014
» The 8th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival Awards
» Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2014
» Hellenic Film Academy 2014 Awards
» Hellenic Film Academy, 2014 Awards Nominations
» Balkan Films at the 33rd Istanbul Film Festival
» ECU on the Road in Athens
» Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights 2013
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