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Tzvetanka (2012)
ЦВЕТАНКА (original title)
Documentary, 66 min
Production countries   Sweden,Bulgaria
Language   Bulgarian
Director   Youlian Tabakov
Scriptwriter   Youlian Tabakov
Producer   Marten Nilsson
Plot keywords    
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Tzvetanka Gosheva was born in the family of rich merchants in 1926. When she was six, her brother died, and she became the „boy” in the family and was prepared for taking over the family business. After 9th September 1944, the day of the communist revolution in Bulgaria, things changed drastically for her and her family. Tzvetanka’s father was sent to prison without any clear conviction and everything that the family possessed was gradually confiscated. Later on, her father was accused of being an enemy of the communist party and the family was sent away in exile. Being a daughter of a convicted against the party automatically deprived her from the right to study, work and live equally to others. Despite that she was admitted at the medical academy in Sofia. Household, children, struggles in the field of science, day and night shifts as an anesthesiologist followed in the next 40 years. Ironically, her last working day was 10th November 1989, the day of the democratic "revolution". That was a day of great expectations. In the years of total chaos, that followed she was working in science and taking care of her grand children fighting with age and loneliness.
Born in a wealthy family Tzvetanka passionately dreamed of becoming an actress as a child, but the history of her country completely changed her destiny. The 20th century was historically unique for Bulgaria, which survived the change of three epochs: monarchy, communist regime, and democracy. The epochs were changing and along with them the country and the people living in it. Tzvetanka is the story of my grandmother, a woman who has outlived the three epochs. Her life represents and reflects the stories of many others, of society and of the country itself.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Aspect ratio   16:9
Production format   HD
Production country
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