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A Family Affair (2015)
Μια Οικογενειακή Ιστορία (original title)
Mia oikogeneiaki istoria (title with latin characters)
Documentary, 87 min
Production country   Greece
Languages   Greek,English
Director   Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
Scriptwriter   Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
Producer   Rea Apostolides
Plot keywords    
music, biography
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A feature documentary about the intertwined lives of a unique musical family, brought together and apart by their love of music.
There is no time for anything but music for the Xylouris family. Three generations of musicians uphold and pass on the vibrant tradition of Cretan music, performing ceaselessly to followers across the world, from a very young age.
From 75 year old Psarantonis, credited with reinventing Cretan music, to his son Psarogiorgis and teenage grandchildren growing up in Australia, the film follows Greece’s most famous musical clan, to discover the electrifying power of their music and the sacred ties that hold the family together.
Director's Note
I first met the famous Xylouris clan three years ago, while filming a documentary about Greek rock legend Angelakas. I was filming in a shepherd’s stone hut on a mountain nearby Anogia, where Psarogiorgis and his sons were playing around the fire. I was surprised by the energy of the family, the strong ties connecting the generations and the respect they showed for each other. Gradually, the Xylouris clan accepted me into their world, and allowed me to observe the intimate moments of their lives. 
The Greek family, like the Xylouris’, is traditionally centered on three generations: grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. But as the economic crisis deepens, it appears to be putting pressure on family bonds. In the case of the Xylouris family, it is forcing Giorgis to travel across the year and rarely spend a night at home. It is strangely his wife, an Australian, who bears the task of keeping the family together, today divided between Melbourne and Crete. 
What is fascinating about this family, is how music passes from one generation to the other. 
Both Psarantonis and Giorgis haven’t taught their children to play music, but somehow expected that they do so from a very early age. I want to explore how each family member relates to their inherited traditions. How do these traditions define the choices they make? Will each generation have the freedom to make decisions, independently of this tradition? 
This year, in Australia, all three generations of Xylouris musicians will perform together for the first time. It’s a unique opportunity to capture their creative talent in action and their unique bond to music, which connects them both to the land they come from and to each other.
I hope I can share this experience with you!
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production format   HDCAM
Production country
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Gold Award of the Performing Arts section at the FIPA Festival
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» 12th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival - 2015
» Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2015 - Xenia gets Best Feature Film
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» 17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015, Greek programme
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