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Wait for Me and I Will Not Come (2009)
Cekaj me, ja sigurno necu doci (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production country   Serbia
Language   Serbian
Director   Miroslav Momcilovic
Scriptwriter   Miroslav Momcilovic
Producer   Miroslav Momcilovic
Plot keywords    
drama, Romance
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This is a story about being obsessed and about unreturned loves. Alek is desperate because Teodora left him after a three-year relationship. He is suffering, apathetic, sad, mentioning suicide almost constantly, simply he does not want to accept that the relationship is over. He has everyday self-pitying sessions with his friend Bane. Despite Bane's advices, Alek keeps calling Teodora who has fallen in Love with Nemanja in the meantime. And however decisive and tough Teodora is when she sees Alek, she is as lenient and helpless when she is spending time with Nemanja. The problem is that Nemanja is not in love with her but with Marina, a girl younger by a couple of years. Unfortunately, Marina is not in love with him, she is very attracted to Alek's "Slavic desperation". She does not know that the reason for his "charm of a desperate man" is the catastrophe with Teodora, she thinks Alek is simply that way. Every one of them would give anything in the world to be with the one who does not want him/her at that moment. Everyone is hard as a rock to the one who he/she does not care about, and simultaneously soft as cotton to the one he/she wants to seduce. That way a certain emotional system of connected judgments is established, an enchanted love circle that everyone is longing for everyone, everyone is harassing and torturing everyone, and in its centre is Bane, as the witness of all emotional prides and falls. He owns the coffee bar that all of them go to, they are all confessing and complaining to him, and poor he does not have anyone to complain to. The well-known syndrome of "best friend" is destroying him. And so, as they live through their emotional problems and breakdowns, Bane is sinking into deeper and deeper depression…
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Production country
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