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The Piano Room (2013)
Соба со пијано (original title)
Fiction, 102 min
Production country   Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Languages   language of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,English,German,Russian,Turkish
Director   Igor Ivanov Izi
Scriptwriter   Zanina Mircevska
Producer   Tomi Salkovski
Plot keywords    
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The Piano Room is the place where the whole action of the movie takes place. VIKTOR is a wealthy gentleman who often comes there, secretly meeting with his mistress EVA. NINA and GOGA are there for the first time as teenage girls on an school excursion. Nina is wearing pajamas with elephants, while Goga sleeps completely naked. Mutually discovering their sexuality, they fall in love with each other. A Gentleman in a suit regularly rents the Room in order to dress-up as a woman. YLMAZ and AZIZ are father and son, truck drivers. They often come to the Hotel for a sleep over, always in this Room. Ylmaz has always wanted for his son to become a musician, projecting his ambitions on him. Aziz, an incredible talent, never wanted to be anything else than what his father was. A truck driver. With no money in their pockets, a Yamaha motorcycle parked in front of the Hotel, two wedding rings and two helmets, life is beautiful for PETAR and MARTA. We see them again at their 10th wedding anniversary... Now noticeably fatter, Marta is more interested in recipes for Salzburg gnocchi and cakes, while Petar is beat from working night shifts in a factory...DIZE, a former piano player, is an old homeless person who comes to the Piano Room to take the money that he hid a long time ago in a secret department in his piano...

These different stories are seen through fragments of the lives of these characters, and they're intertwined around the central character, the MAID. She is young and silent. She makes the room in between the scenes with the other characters, and writes letters. Talking to her mother, the MAID discovers her view on her everyday life, and it makes much sense. Years pass through the Room which is always the same. Years filled with monotony, humiliation and absurdity. But through the prism of this introvert and silent character, we see a normal and beautiful life, full of beautiful moments, career advancement, and hope for a better tomorrow. DIZE's secret, the large sum of money hidden in the piano, accidentally ends up in the MAID's possession. It is not only a logical consequence of her life described in the letters to her mother. What we saw as a distorted picture of life, a naive and ridiculous fantasy, becomes reality.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Camera   ARRI Alexa
Production country
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