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Some Other Stories (2010)
Neke druge priče (original title)
Fiction, 114 min
Production countries   Croatia,Slovenia,Serbia,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,Ireland
Languages   Croatian,Serbian,Bosnian,English,language of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,Slovene
Directors   Ivona Juka, Ana Maria Rossi
Scriptwriters   Ivona Juka, Ana Maria Rossi
Producer   Anita Juka
Plot keywords    
crime, drama, Romance
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Real life is not just made of our plans for happiness, but precisely the things that oppose to our plans and intentions. Things that happen by accident, completely unpredictable and sometimes causing disappointment and pain. Besides pregnancy and anticipation of a new life, these stories are linked by coincidental events that violate the plans and change lives. These are the stories of love and hope, revenge, sacrifice, defiance, the system, and we find their characters already in "some other stories", bringing a different perspective.
Slovenian Story
The Sisters΄ Council has a problem. Sister Magdalena thought of how to conceive
immaculately: she ordered a do-it-yourself set from a sperm bank over the internet.
Technically she has not sinned but a pregnant nun is out of the question and she has to leave. Sister Magdalena, now an ordinary Lena, finds herself out of uniform and on the road.
Macedonian Story
Irena, a young girl in the last days of pregnancy. The doctors inform her that after
the birth, they will have to take away her child explaining that she, as an unemployed
motherd and a former drug addict would not be cappable to take care about herself and
the baby. While Irena rejects to sign a consent to adoption, she recognizes a chance to
offer her child well-beeing as she has ever dreamt of...
Bosnia and Herzegovina Story
Haris is in love with Heder, a Holland girl working at the European Comunity in Sarajevo. Heder thinks she is in love with Haris, but when she learns that she is pregnant, she takes a rational decision to terminate the pregnancy. The story re-
examines the conflict between Haris’s deep emotional attachment and Heder s love game, which only occasionally exceeds the boundaries of mere erotic pleasure.
Serbian Story
Mother brings her daughter to the Emergency Medical Center. The daughter is pregnant and has attempted suicide after learning that her boyfriend had been killed.
In the hospital room, she learns by chance that the man lying in the bed next to hers is the killer of her boyfriend, whose child she is carrying. Milena decides to take revenge. A murder without a guilty conscience in an environment deprived of spirituality, in a world of superficiality and pseudo-values.
Croatian Story
Between Sonja and Marin, who seem to live a good life, there is an arduous problem which creates a barrier between them and they both lose control.
Sonja perceives that the restraints of the problem they face, of their joint plans and of other people’s suggestions are obstacles to a different, maybe her only perspective…
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Production format   35mm
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
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