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24 Hours (Safe House / Straight To The Bottom) (2001)
24 Sata (Sigurna Kuca / Ravno Do Dna) (original title)
Fiction, 75 min
Production country   Croatia
Language   Croatian
Directors   Goran Kulenovic, Kristijan Milic
Scriptwriters   Goran Kulenovic, Ivan Pavlicic
Plot keywords    
crime, black comedy
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24 HOURS (SAFE HOUSE) Three policemen guard a witness repentant in an abandoned warehouse. Their job is to watch him until the morning when the morning shift will take over, but the witness persuades them that “those who are coming” intend to kill not only him, but all four of them. Their paranoia grows when they find out the witness is familiar with some details from their black pasts which are known only by their close accomplices. They punish each of his stories from the past by beating him up. When the morning comes, the policemen are drunk and confused, and the witness is all covered in blood... 
24 HOURS (STRAIGHT TO THE BOTTOM) It’s a Sunday morning in the summer of 1994 in Zagreb. Tom, a kind of a neighbourhood legend, decides to walk to a cafe where his friend Spiro works. But, as the day goes by, Tom is more and more convinced that he should have stayed in bed... Things become complicated when a local loser, Jura, bursts into the cafe armed with a gun. He couldn’t wait for the tram to come, so he decided to rob a cafe in his neighbourhood. The situation calms down a little when Vanja, a former high school beauty comes, but definitely boils up when Ziga, a local bully, who is also a policeman, comes in for cigarettes and a drink. Throughout the film, we meet other local characters: a nervous war veteran Maki; a resentful Bad Blue Boy Deni; a nurd Truli and his diabolic grandma: Vanja’s ex-boyfriend ‘crimus vulgaris’ Zuti; Ziga’s hysterical wife; a former small dealer, and now a proud father Tihomir... 
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   1.33:1
Production format   Super 16mm , 16mm
Production country
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Films of Goran Kulenovic, Kristijan Milic
24 Hours (Safe House / Straight To The Bottom)
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