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Mirupafshim (1997)
Μιρουπάφσιμ (original title)
Fiction, 125 min
Production country   Greece
Languages   Greek,Albanian
Directors   Giorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
Scriptwriters   Giorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
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The chance meeting of a thirty-five year-old Greek with a group of Albanian illegal immigrants will awaken him, enrich him spiritually and in a way reshape his personality ideologically. Christos, the film's hero, is an ideological remnant of the fall of extant socialism, a professor of history who once roamed the world of the broader Left and lived as a matter of personal choice beyond the pale of society, keeping company with other misfits, preferably with people who felt less Greek and whom the officiaI state persists in ignoring. The sudden invasion of the Albanians in his life will come to reaffirm his choices, since for one more time he wiΙΙ ascertain the unfair and unequal treatment of foreigners by the locals, the racism that is slowly emerging among the Greeks, the willingness of organized society to exploit the poverty of the foreigners and at the same time to assimilate them, because it dreads anything that is dίfferent, and finally the alienation of his own world before the liveliness, the surprises, the humor, the optimism, the courage and the fortitude of his Albanian friends. Yet ουr hero's passage intο maturity will be marked by the collapse of his most common convictions and the gradual realization of the double standard in his life: He who suffers racism and exploitation, exercises it in his turn οn someone weaker. He who projects his humanism over the issue of race, is beset by the deepest conformism. And, conversely, the hero who is accused of being a misogynist will defend the position of women in another society. He who opposes natίonalism will feel sympathy for the Greek minority. He who believes in total freedom of choice will discover that his personality has already been formed without his knowledge, far away and long before him, by forces he considered weak and inconsequential. And while the foreign world will disappear from his sight as it marches towards its historic destiny, he will be left alone, naked and a stranger, to take stock of his defeats, his wounds and his conquests.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Aspect ratio   1.66:1
Production format   35mm
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
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