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Μy Brother and I (1997)
Ο αδελφός μου κι εγώ (original title)
O Adelfos mou ki ego (title with latin characters)
Fiction, 96 min
Production country   Greece
Language   Greek
Director   Antonis Kokkinos
Scriptwriters   Antonis Kokkinos, Nikos Panayotopoulos
Producer   Panagiotis Papahatzis
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Twenty-four year-old Thanassis, a student at Athens Polytechnic, moves into the house of his forty-five year-old brother Petros after their mother's death. The house is a sixties shrine since Petros remains "stuck" to the decade of the 60's when as a student at the Polytechnic he and his friends formed the Living Dead, a rock group that is still going strong. Thanassis admires his brother for his past and for his stories about the days of the Polytechnic. The only person in the group that he hasn't met is Eleni, Petros' girl friend who left Greece in '73. Suddenly one day he sees a woman who looks like her standing outside the house. He goes looking for her and discovers that it really is Eleni who has returned for the prearranged group "reunion" that almost nο one remembers any more! Eleni's awkward meeting with Petros and the Living Dead as well as a talk she has with Thanassis just before he says goodbye, makes the "kid" realize that in the long rυn nothing is the way he had imagined it, not even the events of the past. The image he had formed of his brother changes and, feeling let down, he moves to a new apartment of his οwn together with his girl friend. Six months later the two brothers rυn into each other again at an Eric Burdon concert. The "big" brother tells the "kid" that their house is being torn down and invites him to witness this important event. Petros leaves the concert but Thanassis stays behind to meet his brother's idol close υρ... Ιn the course of their brief conversation Thanassis ascertains what he already knows that he must live in the present, create his οwn past and do it better than his brother's generation.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby SR
Production format   35mm
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
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