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Close, so ...close (2002)
Παρά λίγο, παρά πόντο, παρά τρίχα (original title)
Para ligo para ponto para tricha (title with latin characters)
Fiction, 121 min
Production country   Greece
Language   Greek
Director   Stella Theodoraki
Scriptwriter   Stella Theodoraki
Producer   Thanos Anastopoulos
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The three different sides of an erotic triangle placed under the microscope. Three very different points of view joined by one common denominator: the relationship they share. This is the story of a couple. close...A couple that has created a vicious cycle. The inability of the woman to convince her man that she is trustworthy while she is actually having another relationship. Her inability to prove what her love for him means to her because of her fear of remaining alone with him when she feels he doesn't trust her. His sexual inability as an implement of a most peculiar sadism, which eventually turns against him. What comes around goes around.....and ...aroun ....and... around Close.. so close..
Director's Note
Stella Theodorakis statement about Close So Close
From each period in our history we receive something. In this particular time, I perceived suppressed emotions, incomplete pictures flashing by, dangling stories that strive to become action - but drained of color and quickly disappear. It is more a passive observation than an active one, fantasy more than fulfilled wishes. It΄s as if the acceleration of change has destroyed our sense of time, the limits of life have been replaced by a swaying audacity and eternity.

I wanted to reveal this peculiar sense of dangling in the movie’s narrative, to plainly present the men and women characters and their incomprehensible behavior, so that after the movie ends we wonder about them, we search for clues.

The story of ‘Close…So Close’ is part of this strange world, where a glance back at the person you just hit with your car doesn’t seem to register as fact, it’s forgotten immediately. Where love is overwhelmed by exhaustion, burdened by the weight of the past. Where depriving your lover of joy seems fated.

The main story is erotic in the classic sense – a love triangle – but the characters in the story happen to live in a time that displaces their identities. They΄re a little lost. I followed their fears, their interrupted words, their tentative caresses, their uncertainty. The sadness that says “Why does it have to be this way?” A kind of mirror – highly subjective and filtered - of ordinary situations in the Athens springtime.

I believe that cinema is the ideal medium to search and penetrate these worlds, through image, music and sound. In searching for the story, the collaborative journey with our actors and crew has been an indelible experience.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   16:9
Production format   DV
Camera   Ikegami HC 400W
Distribution format   35mm
  Production Diary  
About the costumes
23 May 2002
About the soundrack
29 June 2002
Ilias Konstantakopoulos on Cinematography
18 June 2002
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