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Happiest Girl in the World, The (2009)
Cea mai fericita fata din lume (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries   Romania,Netherlands
Language   Romanian
Director   Radu Jude
Scriptwriters   Augustina Stanciu, Radu Jude
Producer   Ada Solomon
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Eighteen-year-old Delia comes from a poor family living in a small Romanian town. She is the winner of an advertising campaign: she sent in three juice-bottle labels and won an expensive car. Delia and her parents have come to Bucharest to make a video showing Delia to the whole country as a proof that the refreshments company keeps its promises. After the long journey to Bucharest, the family finally arrives on the set. During the breaks between shots, Delia has long talks with her parents that eventually turn into ugly arguments. The discussion is about what they should do with the car: Delia wants to keep it for herself, while her parents would like to sell it and thus escape from poverty. What seemed at first to be a stroke of good fortune for Delia, soon becomes an extreme and emotionally painful situation, in which she has to reassess her relationship with her parents.

Director's Notes
In 2005 I was preparing a short film with a friend of mine, Andrei Butica, a director of photography.
At some point, I told him a story I witnessed at one of my first “professional” shootings. I was supposed to film a teenager girl coming from a poor background. She was supposed to look happily at the camera and tell us how she sent in three juice bottle labels and won a car. The girl was not happy at all, on the contrary,she was feeling miserable because her parents decided that she should sell the car, so that they could pay some debts.
Andrei told me that this story could become a good film. Encouraged by him, I wrote together with Augustina Stanciu a 30 pages script. It wasn’t really working, the story was too hurried, so, little by little, we transformed it into a longer script.

Actually, I never knew for sure what’s this story about, what’s the meaning of it. I thought that it could be about many different things. About how the people think about what’s good for them. About compromises and lies. About the language of film being used in order to cheat. About being a scared teenager and not having the guts to fight your parents to the end. About what it is to be a parent who must take profit of his/her own child in order to fulfill the future plans. About happiness, sadness and consume.  About capitalism. About the way sun goes down in University Square during the summer.

Seeing the film completed, I don’t know how many of the above mentioned remained. I don’t know whether the film is good or bad. I don’t have nor the skill, neither the distance to realize it. And, fortunately, it’s not my business to do it. I only hope that whoever will see the film will find in it something meaningful and emotional.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production country
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