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Alps (2011)
`Αλπεις (original title)
Alpis (title with latin characters)
Fiction, 93 min
Production country   Greece
Language   Greek
Director   Yorgos Lanthimos
Scriptwriters   Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthimis Filippou
Producer   Yorgos Lanthimos
Plot keywords    
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A Nurse, an Ambulance Driver, a Gymnast, and a Coach have formed a dead persons' substitute company called "Alps".  They are a company for hire, playacting deceased persons in their daily routines, for the benefit of their grieving relatives, friends, and colleagues.
The range and variety of their roles is quite wide, although they don't just take any offers. The substitutes have to identify with the substituted dead persons and be inspired by their past lives. The roles are researched, rehearsed, and performed in minute detail.
The company operates illegally, under a scrupulous discipline regime demanded by their leader, the Ambulance Driver. He has reserved for him alone, as his code name, the name of Alps' great pinnacle, the Mont Blanc.
The 15 Rules of the Alps
Alps members:

1. Must declare in advance the things they are unwilling to do by filling out Form (e.g. kissing, lifting weights, travelling etc.)
2. Must declare in advance the things they are good at by filling out Form (e.g. dancing, waterskiing, discussing etc.)
3. Must have some basic knowledge of psychology and sociology.
4. Are obliged to support, under all circumstances, the interests of the Alps group.
5. Must respect each other.
6. Have the right to change their nickname only twice. They cannot choose a nickname belonging to another Alps member. The nickname must strictly be the name of a mountain in the Alps, and not something general or irrelevant (e.g. Blonde, Master, Dragon etc.)
7. Can never talk about Alps activities with non-Alps members.
8. Are obliged to take the Gymnastics Club Test, if necessary.
9. Must be over 14 years of age.
10. Should always be smart, clean, punctual, and in complete control.
11. Must never get emotionally involved with clients, or have intimate relations with them.
12. Cannot change their physical appearance without the Leader’s permission (e.g. dye hair, lose or gain weight, wear coloured contact lenses etc.)
13. Must be able to make convincing facial expressions (sadness, happiness, despair etc.)
14. Must honour the title of their membership, and be ready to kill or die for it.
15. Must never attack one another, and must believe in teamwork.

Mont Blanc, Leader of the Alps group
January 2008
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   2.35:1
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
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