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Amnesty (2010)
Amnistia (original title)
Fiction, 83 min
Production countries   Greece,Albania,France
Language   Albanian
Director   Bujar Alimani
Scriptwriter   Bujar Alimani
Producer   Bujar Alimani
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For the first time in Albania, a new law is passed that allows sexual intercourse for married couples inside Tirana prison. Elsa travels once a month, from distant Pogradec, to meet her husband at the prison.  Spetim also visits the same prison to meet with his wife.  A love story between the two visitors will start to grow out of the prison walls until the new Amnesty ruling for the prisoners will make it very difficult for them both.
Amnistia is the winner of the C.I.C.A.E Prize at Berlinale 2011 and the winner of the Jury Special Prize, the Fipresci Prize and the Cineuropa Award at the 2011 Lecce Festival of European Film.
Director's Note
Elsa and Spetim embody the stories of many people that I met at my homeland. The heroes derive from its deep-rooted borders, where people love, hurt and travel.  Both of them have every reason not to be together and simultaneously all of the right reasons to be together.  The woman tries to revitalize herself through this love and the man to discover his lost self. They are searching for clear drops in a muddy life that’s chocking them.  The old Albania is in conflict with the new. Moral struggles with passion and the price to pay is heavy.
All this takes place in Albania, which is trying to find her own identity on the road to Europe.
C.I.C.A.E Prize at Berlinale 2011
The members of the Forum-Jury award the C.I.C.A.E. Prize to Amnistia
The film represents the clash between a younger generation with the traditional patriarchal and oppressive structures in their society. Love raises the desire of change but is confronted with the impossibility to be realised yet. However the film has signs of hope for the future like the solidarity among young people. The original script and editing lets the audience get to know step by step the main characters and their similarities in their daily life. The intense use of close portraits shows subtle changes in the faces of the strong main actors, which makes the viewer follow the story from their emotionally point of view. Supported by well selected photography with unusual colours the film develops an unique atmosphere.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Sound format   Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio   1.85:1
Distribution format   35mm
Production country
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