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Balkan Bazaar (2011)
Ballkan Pazar (original title)
Fiction, 91 min
Production countries   Albania,Italy
Languages   Albanian,English,Greek
Director   Edmond Budina
Scriptwriter   Edmond Budina
Producer   Robert Budina
Plot keywords    
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Would you sell the bones of your father or grandfather, if this was a millionaire business? Jolie (French) and Orsola (Italian), discover in s village in the South of Albania, the most bizarre Bazaar where bones can be bought and sold. Why not profit, themselves, by selling the bones of their father and grandfather in exchange for true love? Our story is based on actual events, happened in the South of Albania years ago, based in the old Balkan saying: the place in which the grave of a compatriot has endured the trials of time, is a place worth dying for.
Director's Note
It often happens that conflicts in search of  ones own roots, origins, history, identity, and country turn into wars.  These ware always are hidden behind ideas, doctrines, ideologies, religions and each of them wave its own flag. Perhaps it is high time that we abandoned this rhetoric and made fun of ourselves by playing with the flags. Why not? The only flag which recognizes no borders and produces human life is the love flag. What can be the flag of love? The underpants?... 
Production's Note
The territory, origin, culture, traditions, identity, roots, and ancientness are reasons that have sparked many wars around the world in centuries, particularly in the Balkans where the borders have been regarded as ex littoral and displaced in accordance with the wishes of the strongest. Yet, how modern is this idea in the conditions of globalization and disappearance of borderlines? The paradox that this true story entailed was the main push for undertaking this movie. Besides skeletons, what could be sold at the Balkan BAZAAR, where the rich buys the bones of the poor to manipulate the history?
Why this story?
Because it entails real facts that seem to be surreal, it has atmosphere, contradictions, surprises, situations, characters, and love. In short, it has all the necessary elements for a black comedy film, so uncommon and attractive.
Technical Specifications Image / Sound
Color / Black & White   Color
Production country
Official web site
» 3rd Albanian Film Week, New York
» Divan Film Festival 2013
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