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Eastern Business (2016)
Afacerea Est (original title)
Fiction, 84 min
Production countries: Romania,Lithuania
Director: Igor Cobileanski
Plot keywords: black comedy
Two Moldavian friends begin a journey full of adventures and suspense trying various business ideas in order to earn enough money to achieve their dreams. But they live in a place where destiny gets drunk [...]
The Old Oak Blues (2000)
Srce Nije u Modi (original title)
Fiction, 87 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Branko Schmidt
Plot keywords: black comedy
Osijek, autumn 1991. Henry, an English environmentalist, comes to Croatia in order to stop the devastation the oldest oak tree in the world, located in Stari Rastovac, in Eastern Slavonija. He meets Katie, [...]
The Enchanting Porkers (2014)
Svinjari (original title)
Fiction, 91 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Ivan Livakovic
Plot keywords: black comedy
Money is not enough anymore. Fame is the most sought-after currency. A journalist decides to do everything she can to get a scoop. She fabricates a story; she will stop at nothing: she will destroy lives [...]
Little Buddho (2014)
Mali Budo (original title)
Fiction, 95 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Danilo Beckovic
Plot keywords: black comedy
Drago is a surgeon from Podgorica (capital of Montenegro). He made a fatal mistake during the operation and, as a result, killed the only son of a local crime boss. Now, his own only son Budo is endangered, [...]
Simon Magus (2013)
Simon Čudotvorac (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Petar Oreskovic
Plot keywords: black comedy
After finding out by chance that his ex-girlfriend Mina’s Mum died, Simon decides to steal her body in order to provoke cathartic processes in Mina and do something for her. Mina hadn’t been in contact [...]
Monument to Michael Jackson (2014)
Spomenik Majklu Dzeksonu (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Serbia,Germany,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Director: Darko Lungulov
Plot keywords: black comedy
In an attempt to save his dying hometown in Serbia and prevent the love of his life from leaveing, daydreamer Marko decides to build a monument to Michael Jackson, who has just announced his "This Is It" [...]
The Extremely Tragic Story Of Celal Tan And His Family (2011)
Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Aşırı Acıklı Hikayesi (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Onur Unlu
Plot keywords: black comedy, drama
The Extremely Tragic Story of Celal Tan and His Family tells the story of Celal Tan, a widowed, well-respected law professor who lives in a provincial city and has two children. When he marries a much [...]
Somewhere in Palilula (2012)
Undeva la Palilula (original title)
Fiction, 145 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Silviu Purcarete
Plot keywords: black comedy
The 60's, Romania. Serafim, a young doctor, is sent to the Hospital in Palilula, a small town lost somewhere on the country map, after the death of the previous pediatrician, Mr. Pantelică. Palilula, [...]
Loveless Zoritsa (2012)
Crna Zorica (original title)
Fiction, 80 min
Production countries: Serbia,Greece
Director: Christina Hatziharalambous
Plot keywords: black comedy
“Loveless Zoritsa” is a dark Balkan fairy-tale with comic elements. Zoritsa is a village girl who bears an extraordinary curse: Since her first love got mysteriously drawn in the river, men around [...]
72 Days (2010)
Sedamdeset i dva dana (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Danilo Serbedzija
Plot keywords: black comedy
The American pension of Grandpa Durad is paid to his widow Neda and is the only source of income for he Paripovic family. When Neda suddenly dies, their very existence is threatened and the head of the [...]
Adalbert`s Dream (2011)
Adalbert`s Dream (original title)
Fiction, 101 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Gabriel Achim
Plot keywords: black comedy, communist period
Adalbert`s Dream is a black comedy based on a real story that took place in a Romanian communist factory in the 80s. A work accident is re-enacted, but the re-enacting becomes a new accident, as the worker [...]
Punk`s Not Dead (2011)
Панкот не е мртов (original title)
Fiction, 104 min
Production countries: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Director: Vladimir Blazevski
Plot keywords: black comedy
Mirsa is punk from Skopje, FYR Macedonia, old-fashioned junkie who lives in proletarian suburbs, surrounded by poverty. His one-time cult-band in early 90's was scattered together with former Yugoslavia. [...]
Unfair World (2011)
Άδικος Κόσμος (original title)
Fiction, 118 min
Production countries: Greece,Germany
Director: Philippos Tsitos
Plot keywords: black comedy
Sotiris is a police interrogator. One day he decides to pardon every poor person to whom life has been cruel. Intending to save an innocent soul, he goes as far as to kill a corrupt security guard. Dora, [...]
Shelter (2010)
ПОДСЛОН (original title)
Fiction, 88 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Dragomir Sholev
Plot keywords: black comedy, punk
While they have been busy switching TV channels, making pickles or discussing politics, the parents of 12-yearold Rado have failed to notice that their son has grown up. They cannot understand why, after [...]
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2005)
Moartea domnului Lazarescu (original title)
Fiction, 153 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Cristi Puiu
Plot keywords: black comedy, drama
One Saturday evening, Mr. Lazarescu, a 63-year-old widower, calls for an ambulance after suffering from head and stomach-aches. He lives alone with his three cats, likes to drink, and often self-medicates [...]
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