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Shift 12-48 (2012)
Vardiya 12-48 (original title)
Short Film, 10 min
Production country: Turkey
Director: Fatih Ozdemir
Plot keywords: drama
Selim and Aylin have been working in the same prison as prison officers. They have to work in different shifts because of the shift system named 12-48. While Selim  works in the evening, Aylin [...]
Singing Women (2013)
Şarkı Söyleyen Kadınlar (original title)
Fiction, 120 min
Production country: Turkey
Director: Reha Erdem
Plot keywords: drama
An unlikely group of oppressed women struggle against the tribulations in a dark world, united by extraordinary reserves of energy, courage, hope and faith. As the women transform their tragedy [...]
Sonja and the Bull (2012)
Sonja i bik (original title)
Fiction, 103 min
Production country: Croatia
Director: Vlatka Vorkapic
Plot keywords: Comedy
Sonja, a city girl from Zagreb, a vegetarian and a hardcore animal-rights activist, strongly opposes bullfighting in Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian Hinterland). People find this irritating and they conclude [...]
Soul Kicking (2006)
Η ψυχή στο στόμα (original title)
Fiction, 112 min
Production country: Greece
Director: Yannis Economides
Plot keywords: drama
A penetrating and subversive look deep inside the microcosm of the working-class and once lumpen Greek society. Takis is the film’s main hero. Middle-aged, a worker in a cottage industry. Divorced, remarried [...]
Standing Aside, Watching (2012)
Να Κάθεσαι και να Κοιτάς (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production country: Greece
Director: Yorgos Servetas
Plot keywords: drama
Grey skies. Farmland. Old depots. An empty station. A train arrives to the platform. No one exits, except for Antigone, a young woman in her 30ćs. This is Th.,a small Greek town, the place Antigone [...]
Stella and I (2012)
Η Στέλλα και Εγώ (original title)
Short Film, 4 min
Production country: Greece
Director: Amerissa Basta
Plot keywords: drama
In a middle class living room, dressed-in-black relatives are gathered to express their condolences to the family for the death of the grandmother. The little son of the family is bored, until Stella appears, [...]
Step By Step (2011)
Korak po korak (original title)
Fiction, 111 min
Production country: Croatia
Director: Biljana Cakic-Veselic
Plot keywords: drama, war
In 1991, at the beginning of the war in Croatia, Vjera Kralj refuses to leave the ruins of her home on the Osijek frontline. Her husband flees the town while their son goes to the battlefield. Working [...]
Still River (2018)
Ακίνητο Ποτάμι (original title)
Fiction, 133 min
Production countries: Greece,France
Director: Angelos Frantzis
VIRUS is a psychological thriller set in Norilsk, Siberia. A Greek couple, Anna and Petros, living in Norilsk, is faced with the mysterious event of the woman getting pregnant with no intercourse. [...]
Stoichkov (2012)
Стоичков (original title)
Documentary, 90 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Borislav Kolev
Plot keywords: football, biography
Hristo Stoichkov is regarded as one of the best footballers of his generation and the greatest Bulgarian footballer of all time. This documentary deals with the phenomenal sport career and the tempestuous [...]
Super Demetrios (2011)
Σούπερ Δημήτριος (original title)
Fiction, 109 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Giorgos Papaioannou
Plot keywords: Comedy
A no-budget super spectacleIn a surreal, parallel universe, Thessaloniki has its very own superhero: Super Demetrios.  Posing as Dimitris Christoforidis, journalist for the Golden Jerusalem magazine, [...]
Sweet Little Lies (2012)
Minte-ma frumos (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Iura Luncasu
Plot keywords: romantic comedy
Two nice guys from Bucharest live a not-so-usual life… Dani is a part-time gigolo while Toni, a skillful hacker, cheats his loyal friend - his computer - with a girl met on the Internet, Oana.Dana and [...]
Swing (2013)
Salincak (original title)
Short Film, 12 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Nazan Kesal
Plot keywords: drama
This is a house situated in the centre of but never have been recognized by the city. In the house, a young woman with one child is trying to continue her life under the impositions of mores, pudicity, [...]
Tango Abrazos (2012)
Vaje v objemu (original title)
Fiction, 89 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Metod Pevec
Plot keywords: drama
Two content, seemingly even happy couples in their mid‑thirties, attend dancing lessons. Perhaps the tango is the culprit, or maybe they themselves or their inherent uncertainty are to blame [...]
Thanks for Sunderland (2012)
Hvala za Sunderland (original title)
Fiction, 92 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Slobodan Maksimovic
Plot keywords: drama, Comedy
Modern‑day Slovenia. Johan (44) is a factory worker dreaming of a dignified life for himself and his family. His best friend Janez introduces him to Zlatko, who never takes off his Bluetooth [...]
The Alexandrians (2011)
Alaksandrinke (original title)
Documentary, 94 min
Production countries: Slovenia,Italy
Director: Metod Pevec
"Alexandrinke" is the name for women from the Littoral part of Slovenia who emigrated en masse to Alexandria (Egypt) between 1869 and WWII, to work as wet nurses, nannies, maids, or consorts to wealthy [...]
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