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Pororoca (2017)
Pororoca (original title)
Fiction, 152 min
Production countries: Romania,France
Director: Constantin Popescu
It is a beautifully sunny morning in Bucharest when Tudor heads to the local park with his 5-year-old daughter Maria and his 7-year-old son Ilie. Him and his wife, Cristina, consider themselves lucky ones: [...]
Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man (2010)
Portretul luptatorului la tinerete (original title)
Fiction, 163 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Constantin Popescu
Plot keywords: action, drama, History
When the Soviet Army marched into Romania in 1944, a part of the Romanian population went "into the mountains". Over a thousand armed resistance groups took refuge in the inaccessible forests of the Carpathian [...]
Principles of Life (2010)
Principii de viata (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Constantin Popescu
Plot keywords: drama
Emilian Velicanu is a man who at first glance seems to have everything he wants: a family, a house, money.The day before leaving on vacation Emilian must leave everything resolved in Bucharest. But [...]
Puzzle (2013)
Puzzle (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Romania,USA
Director: Andrei Zinca
Plot keywords: drama
A repressed middle aged man realizes that his life had become one of misery and loneliness. After becoming friends with a blind writer he had to evict from his house, he finds the inspiration and courage [...]
Quod Erat Demonstrandum (2013)
Quod Erat Demonstrandum (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Andrei Gruzsniczki
Romania, 1984. A mathematician’s decision to publish a paper in a magazine edited by an American university without asking for permission from the authorities triggers a chain of events that will change [...]
Ramona (2015)
Ramona (original title)
Short Film, 20 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Andrei Cretulescu
Plot keywords: fiction
One girl. One car. One night. No coincidence. [...]
Red Gloves (2010)
Manusi Rosii (original title)
Fiction, 117 min
Production countries: Romania,Germany
Director: Radu Gabrea
Plot keywords: drama
Based on the book Rote Handscuhe by Eginald SclattnerThe personal story of the young student Felix Goldschmidt, who finds himself arrested for a crime he does not understand, like his fellow prisoners, [...]
Rio 2016 (2013)
Rio 2016 (original title)
Documentary, 29 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Bianca Rotaru
Plot keywords: drama
This is another kind of childhood. Two gymnasts, Teodora and Andreea aged 13 and 11, are training to make it to the national team of gymnastics. This is a hope to gold medals in a sport that made history [...]
Rocker (2012)
Rocker (original title)
Fiction, 91 min
Production countries: Romania,Germany,France
Director: Marian Crisan
Plot keywords: drama
Victor, a rocker in his forties, is ready to do everything for his drug-addicted son. He is helping the son and his rock band prepare an upcoming live concert in a bigger city. In the meantime [...]
Roxanne (2013)
Roxanne (original title)
Fiction, 97 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Valentin Hotea
Plot keywords: drama, Family
Twenty years after the Romanian Revolution, Tavi Ionescu, a nice but somewhat immature man in his late thirties, finds out from his Securitate (Romanian Secret Police) file that he might be the father [...]
Ryna (2005)
Ryna (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Romania,Switzerland
Director: Ruxandra Zenide
Plot keywords: drama
The poor father of 16 year old Ryna is responsible for a petrol station, which also functions as a garage when needed, in a small Romanian village. He raises her as a boy since her childhood, as he cannot [...]
Sand Cliffs (1983)
Faleze de nisip (original title)
Fiction, 97 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Dan Pita
Plot keywords: drama
Hristea, a surgeon, spends his holidays at the seaside. While on the beach his belongings are stolen. The surgeon tells the policeman that the thief is a young man he had seen nearby. Although the accused [...]
Scarred Hearts (2016)
Inimi Cicatrizate (original title)
Fiction, 136 min
Production countries: Romania,Germany
Director: Radu Jude
Plot keywords: drama
"Scarred Hearts" is inspired by Romanian author Max Blecher's novel, which is set in 1937. It centers on Emanuel, a man in his early 20s, who spends his days at a sanatorium on the Black Sea coast, suffering [...]
Second-Hand (2005)
Second-Hand (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Dan Pita
Plot keywords: drama
Andreea, a very talented and idealistic violin player, is a senior high school student with an exceptional career ahead of her. While all her friends are into sex and drugs, all Andreea thinks of is her [...]
Self-portrait of a Dutiful Daughter (2015)
Autoportretul unei fete cuminti (original title)
Fiction, 81 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Ana Lungu
Plot keywords: drama
Cristiana is thirty and from a classically bourgeois family. She works on her PhD, meets friends and has an affair with a married man. When her parents move, leaving the parental home to her, she goes [...]
Sequences (1982)
Secvenţe (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Alexandru Tatos
Plot keywords: drama
The film is structured in 3 merely related parts, all concerning sequences of a fictional movie that is being shot by Alexandru Tatos, and the rest of his crew. In the beginning, the crew is introduced [...]
Several Conversations About a Very Tall Girl (2018)
conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă (original title)
Fiction, 0 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Bogdan Theodor Olteanu
Two girls begin to chat about another girl, a former lover of both. As they grow closer, the gap between them widens, as one them is looking for answers and love while safely closeted. A try-out for love [...]
Sieranevada (2016)
Sieranevada (original title)
Fiction, 173 min
Production countries: Romania,France
Director: Cristi Puiu
Plot keywords: drama
Larry, a neurologist at the top of his career, and his wife, are attending a family meal in Bucharest to commemorate the death of his father, who died 40 days earlier.All the guests are waiting for the [...]
Silent Wedding (2008)
Nunta Muta (original title)
Fiction, 87 min
Production countries: Romania,Luxembourg,France
Director: Horatiu Malaele
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
Romania, 1953. In a small village, a young couple is about to get married. Guests arrive, the banquet is ready and everything is prepared for the ceremony. Unexpectedly, the Russian Army shows up and because [...]
Soldiers. Story from Ferentari (2017)
Soldatii. Poveste din Ferentari (original title)
Fiction, 119 min
Production countries: Romania,Serbia,Belgium
Director: Ivana Mladenovic
Adi (40), a shy and introverted anthropologist who got recently dumped by his girlfriend, moves to Ferentari, most notorious outcasted neighborhood in Bucharest. He wants to write a study on manele music. [...]
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