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Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying (2011)
Prakticni Vodic Kroz Beograd, Sa Pevanjem I Plakanjem (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Serbia,Croatia,Germany,France,Hungary
Director: Bojan Vuletic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama, Romance
After many years of hard isolation Belgrade has opened again, ready to accept numerous tourists, businessmen and curious people from all over the world. What happens when foreigners and local people meet? [...]
Parade (2011)
Parada (original title)
Fiction, 115 min
Production countries: Serbia,Croatia,Slovenia,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Plot keywords: Comedy
Turning transgression into a comedic principle, this turbulent farce that toys with clichés and stereotypes turned out to be an unexpected hit in Serbia and other ex-Yugoslavian countries. In PARADA a [...]
The Tour (2008)
Turneja (original title)
Fiction, 102 min
Production countries: Serbia,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Croatia
Director: Goran Markovic
Plot keywords: Comedy
1993, the bleakest time of the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade, utterly unaware of what they’re setting themselves up for, embark on a search for quick earnings – on [...]
72 Days (2010)
Sedamdeset i dva dana (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Danilo Serbedzija
Plot keywords: black comedy
The American pension of Grandpa Durad is paid to his widow Neda and is the only source of income for he Paripovic family. When Neda suddenly dies, their very existence is threatened and the head of the [...]
The Enemy (2011)
Neprijatelj (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production countries: Serbia,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Croatia,Hungary
Director: Dejan Zecevic
Plot keywords: drama, civil war
Bosnia, 1995, the seventh day of peace: an engineering unit is removing mines from the border between the two sides who until recently, were at war. Each of the soldiers is burdened by experiences from [...]
Just Between Us (2010)
Neka ostane medju nama (original title)
Fiction, 87 min
Production countries: Croatia,Serbia,Slovenia
Director: Rajko Grlic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
"Just Between Us" is a wicked, indiscreet contemporary story set in Zagreb about the whirling erotic passions that percolate beneath the dull, composed surface of everyday bourgeois life and manners. It [...]
Mother of Asphalt (2010)
Majka Asfalta (original title)
Fiction, 107 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Dalibor Matanic
Plot keywords: drama
Mare is a young woman who is aware that her marriage is irrevocably falling to pieces. In her intention to get out of that situation, her husband Janko "helps" her when, overwhelmed by his own inability [...]
Gravehopping (2005)
Odgrobadogroba (original title)
Fiction, 103 min
Production countries: Slovenia,Croatia
Director: Jan Cvitkovic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
A film about people from a small town in the Slovenian Karst region, it focuses on the basic force of the human existence: fear. Out of fear from death stems the desire for security, warmth and love. Pero, [...]
Slovenian Girl (2009)
Slovenka (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Slovenia,Germany,Serbia,Croatia
Director: Damjan Kozole
Plot keywords: drama
Alexandra is a 23-year-old student of the English language. She comes from a small town. Her parents are divorced. No one knows that Alexandra runs personal ads under the nickname "The Slovenian Girl" [...]
Forest Creatures (2010)
Suma summarum (original title)
Fiction, 120 min
Production countries: Croatia
Director: Ivan-Goran Vitez
Plot keywords: adventure
Every forest is a law unto its own.Young Rinus Jongbloed, the new boss of a Croatian marketing agency which has recently changed owners and is now in the Dutch property, has organized for his employees [...]
  200-210 of 213 results 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 results per page
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