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Devil`s Town (2009)
Djavolja varos (original title)
Fiction, 82 min
Production country: Serbia
Director: Vladimir Paskaljevic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
The lives of various characters crosses on the day famous Serbian tennis players compete in an important tournament. A poor girl who tries to get hold of tennis equipment at any price, a businessman who [...]
Doctor Ray And The Devils (2012)
Doktor Rej i djavoli (original title)
Fiction, 95 min
Production countries: Serbia,Montenegro
Director: Dinko Tucakovic
Plot keywords: biography, Comedy, drama
There is a kind of ‘black hole’ in biography of famous Hollywood director, Nicholas Ray, something between 1963/67. After two consecutive flops in career, he left his family, young wife and daughter, [...]
Dovlatov (2017)
Dovlatov (original title)
Fiction, 126 min
Production countries: Russia,Poland,Serbia
Director: Aleksei German Jr.
Dovlatov charts six days in the life of brilliant, ironic writer who saw far beyond the rigid limits of 70s Soviet Russia. Sergei Dovlatov fought preserve his own talent and decency with poet and writer [...]
Dragan Wende - West Berlin (2013)
Dragan Wende - West Berlin (original title)
Documentary, 87 min
Production countries: Serbia,Germany
Director: Dragan von Petrovic
Plot keywords: Comedy, biography
In this tragicomical documentary set between West-Berlin and former Yugoslavia, the young cameraman Vuk from Belgrade embarks on the trail of his eccentric uncle Dragan Wende who, 30 years earlier became [...]
Dumbfounded Hog (2010)
Prenerazila se zimina (original title)
Documentary, 56 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Mladen Kovacevic
Every second household in Serbian countryside keeps pigs. The majority of Serbian pigs lives and dies in cruel conditions; less than one third are slaughtered in slaughterhouses, and the other two thirds [...]
Enclave (2014)
Enklava (original title)
Fiction, 92 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Goran Radovanovic
Plot keywords: drama
A Christian boy, determined to create a proper community burial for his late grandfather, crosses enemy lines and makes friends among the Muslim majority in deeply divided, war-torn Kosovo. [...]
Equals (2014)
Jednaki (original title)
Fiction, 109 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Darko Lungulov
Plot keywords: drama, omnibus
Through individual stories of boys and girls who are born, growing up and maturing in harsh livingand social circumstances, the omnibus Equals tells the story of children’s rights and problems thatthe [...]
Falsifikator (2013)
Falsifikator (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Serbia,Croatia,Bosnia-Herzegovina
Director: Goran Markovic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
This comedy takes place in the late 1960s. The hero Andjelko, is the director of a small-town primary school; a man who leads a modest and seemingly harmonious family life, admired by his colleagues and [...]
Family (2015)
Porodica (original title)
Fiction, 79 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Sasa Radojevic
Plot keywords: thriller
Ana, an actress who lives in Berlin, comes to Belgrade to play a role in the movie "Country". After meeting with her friend Marina, who uses homemade family films for her artistic work, Ana begins to explore [...]
Flotel Europa (2015)
Flotel Europa (original title)
Documentary, 70 min
Production countries: Denmark,Serbia
Director: Vladimir Tomic
Plot keywords: documentary
In 1992 a wave of refugees from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina reached Denmark. With refugee camps completely full, the Red Cross pulled a giant ship into the canals of Copenhagen. The ship, Flotel [...]
Four Corners of a Circle (2015)
Las cuatro esquinas del círculo / Četiri ugla kruga (original title)
Short Film, 24 min
Production countries: Germany,Mexico,Serbia
Director: Katarina Stankovic
Plot keywords: drama
The film follows characters in Mexico and in Serbia who are connected in mystical ways, regardless of time, distance, and lifestyle. The Mexican protagonist roams through Guanajuato with his best friend, [...]
From Grain to Painting (2012)
Od Zrna Do Slike (original title)
Documentary, 76 min
Production countries: Croatia,Serbia,Montenegro,Italy
Director: Branko Istvancic
Plot keywords: action
A documentary about a neglected, marginalized minority in Serbia, forgotten by their country. The “straw girls” are anonymous Croatian artists of Bunjevci ethnicity who live in the north of the independent [...]
Frozen Stiff (2002)
Mrtav `ladan (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Milorad Milinkovic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
Lemi and Kiza are two brothers who have to bring their dead grandfather from Belgrade to Vrsac, and having spent all their money, they decide to smuggle the body by train. They dress the grandfather and [...]
Ginger: More Than a Game (2011)
Žućko - Prica o Radivoju Koracu (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Gordan Matic
Plot keywords: biography, drama
In late forties a boy grew in Yugoslavia, who twice miraculously escaped death in World War II and whose father was imprisoned in the infamous gulag of Goli Otok. In early fifties a teenager discovered [...]
Gorcilo (2015)
Gorcilo - Jesi li to dosao da me vidis (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Serbia,Montenegro
Director: Milan Karadzic
Plot keywords: drama
People from the city, working to prepare for a new road, come to one underdeveloped Montenegrin village where they encounter the locals. [...]
Her Job (2018)
Η δουλειά της (original title)
Fiction, 89 min
Production countries: Greece,France,Serbia
Director: Nikos Labot
Plot keywords: drama
Panagiota faces a ruthless system of exploitation at her work environment, while spending the happiest period of her so far dull life. [...]
Here and There (2009)
Tamo i ovde (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Serbia,Germany,USA
Director: Darko Lungulov
Plot keywords: drama, Comedy
Robert, a jaded middle-aged New Yorker, goes to Serbia to make quick cash by marrying someone for U.S. immigration papers, but the plan goes awry when the promised cash never arrives. At the same time, [...]
Heroes of the Battle for the Wounded (2015)
Heroji bitke za ranjenike (original title)
Documentary, 57 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Aleksandar Reljic
Plot keywords: documentary
On the commemorative plaque put at the entrance of the Cantonal Hospital, are the names of health workers, who died in the Bosnian war, 1992-1995, while doing their jobs. Among others, there is a name [...]
Holidays in the Sun (2014)
Atomski Zdesna (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Serbia,Montenegro
Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama, Romance
Mladen (44) Belgrade born, is a timeshare salesman at Croatian Holiday resort. He is having an affair with his colleague, Sonja (40), who is married to Metod (50) the chief sales manager who learns about [...]
Honeymoons (2009)
Медени месец (original title)
Fiction, 95 min
Production countries: Serbia,Albania
Director: Goran Paskaljevic
Plot keywords: drama
Two young couples, one from Albania and one from Serbia decide to leave their home countries in search of a better life in Western Europe. When the Albanian couple, after all sorts of incidents, arrives [...]
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